The mission of DePaul University’s Department of Health Sciences is to educate and train students who will collaboratively address human health from interdisciplinary natural and social scientific perspectives in order to promote health and to improve the lives of individuals and communities.

The Health Sciences major offers concentrations in BioScience and Public Health Studies that will enable future health care professionals to begin this cross-disciplinary conversation even earlier.  In addition to General tracks, each concentration offers tracks that help students focus their interests and prepare for future careers.  BioScience students can choose from tracks in Medicine or Pre-nursing; while in Public Health Studies students can choose tracks in Health Education, Community Health, or Health Policy and Administration. This degree a) provides students interested in pursuing a career in one of many health-related professions with a common core of knowledge; b) provides a general track in each concentration but also articulates additional tracks that meet requirements for entry into graduate programs; c) provides enough flexibility to enable students to move among those tracks as their interests evolve, and d) brings students headed for multiple health-related professions into on-going conversation with each other. 

Upon completing the BS in Health Sciences, our students will be able to

  1. Demonstrate effective communication skills and work collaboratively with individuals and populations of varied perspectives.
  2. Evaluate both natural and social science research as it applies to individual and population health.
  3.  Explain and understand foundational biological principles related to human health.
  4. Understand and apply the scientific method and evidence-based approaches to human health.
  5.  Identify and analyze ethical issues in research, health, and public health.
  6. Identify and understand how social determinants influence an individual’s health and create health disparities.
  7. Identify the core concepts and principles of public health and apply them to the promotion of health and prevention of disease.
  8. Describe the components of health policy and health care systems both domestically and globally.

Liberal Studies Requirements 72 hours
​Major Requirements 48-52 hours
​Major Concentration Requirements 36-40​hours
​Open Electives 24-32 hours
​Total hours required 192 hours