Officers of the University

  • Rev. Dennis H. Holtschenider, CM, EdD

    Rev. Dennis H. Holtschneider, CM, EdD

  • Marten L. denBoer, PhD

    Marten L. denBoer, PhD

  • Jeffrey Bethke

    Jeffrey Bethke

  • Rev. Edward R. Udovic, CM, PhD

    Rev. Edward R. Udovic, CM, PhD

Academic Officers

  • Marisa Alicea, PhD

    Marisa Alicea, PhD

    • Dean, School for New Learning

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  • Ronald Caltabiano, DMA

    Ronald Caltabiano, DMA

  • John Culbert, MFA

    John Culbert, MFA

  • Salma Ghanem, PhD

    Salma Ghanem, PhD

    • Dean, College of Communication

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  • Gerald P. Koocher, PhD

    Gerald P. Koocher, PhD

    • Dean, College of Science and Health

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  • David Miller, PhD

    David Miller, PhD

    • Dean, College of Computing and Digital Media

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  • Jennifer L. Rosato Perea, JD

    Jennifer L. Rosato Perea, JD

  • Guillermo Vásquez de Velasco

    Guillermo Vásquez de Velasco, PhD

    • Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

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  • Ray Whittington, PhD

    Ray Whittington, PhD

    • Dean, Driehaus College of Business

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  • Paul Zionts, PhD

    Paul Zionts, PhD

Administrative Officers

  • Linda Blakley

    Linda Blakley

    • Vice President for Public Relations and Communications

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  • Jay Braatz, EdD

    Jay Braatz, EdD

    • Vice President for Planning and Presidential Administration

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  • Santino Caringella

    Santino Caringella

  • Robert Janis

    Robert Janis

    • Vice President, Facilities Operations

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  • David H. Kalsbeek, PhD

    David H. Kalsbeek, PhD

    • Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing

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  • Bob McCormick

    Bob McCormick

    • Vice President for Information Services

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  • Erin Minné

    Erin Minné

    • Senior Vice President for Advancement

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  • Elizabeth F. Ortiz, EdD

    Elizabeth F. Ortiz, EdD

    • Vice President for Institutional Diversity and Equity

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  • José D. Padilla, JD

    José D. Padilla, JD

    • Vice President and General Counsel

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  • Sherri Sidler

    Sherri Sidler

  • Stephanie Smith

    Stephanie Smith

    • Vice President for Human Resources

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  • Rev. Edward R. Udovic, CM, PhD

    Rev. Edward R. Udovic, CM, PhD

  • Gene Zdziarski,PhD

    Gene Zdziarski,PhD

    • Vice President for Student Affairs

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