DePaul had a track and athletic field at Belden and Sheffield, future home of Alumni Hall and now the Student Center.
Athletics, Facilities

View of the track from the rear of St. Vincent's Church, looking north to Belden (photo courtesy DePaul Archives).

The total number of alumni exceeded 14,750.

Students on Kenmore Avenue in the 1950s (photo courtesy DePaul Archives).

Construction began on Faculty Hall (see 1952) in September. It was the first piece of the building and expansion plan developed by DePaul's president, the Rev. Comerford J. O'Malley, C.M., and Board of Lay Trustees.


Faculty Hall, 2233 N. Kenmore Ave., a 35-room residence for members of the Congregation of the Mission (Vincentians) was dedicated Nov. 29. It was the first new construction on campus in 14 years. Previously, the Vincentians lived in the Vincentian Residence. (See 1904.)

Faculty Hall is now home to the Steans Center (photo courtesy DePaul Archives).


"Chicken fights" were popular in the 1950s.

"Chicken fights" were popular in the 1950s.