Being handed the diploma you’ve worked hard to earn is a moment worth celebrating, but we all know where the rubber hits the road: when you find a job and begin building your career. 

We believe DePaul graduates have an edge—a belief that’s backed up by countless stories told by our alumni and the people who hire them. That “DePaul edge” is built on a multifaceted platform that includes everything from our philosophy about teaching and learning to our Chicago setting, our diverse student body, and the network of connections our students have access to.

A teaching philosophy that prepares you to hit the ground running

People who regularly hire DePaul graduates say they’re “work-ready” and able to contribute in meaningful ways from day one. A big part of this readiness stems from our professors’ approach to teaching, which incorporates a variety of real-world examples and applications, as well as service-based learning opportunities. 

An urban setting that provides plenty of real-world access

When our professors aren’t teaching, many of them are working in Chicago as consultants, researchers, lawyers and entrepreneurs. That means they are building valuable networks and they always know what’s happening in their fields—and what recruiters are looking for. Chicago itself is an ideal classroom for bringing theory to life, so we take full advantage of it, for​ everything from research and internships to service learning. 

A diverse community that mirrors today's global workplaces

DePaul is widely known for welcoming students and employees from all ethnicities, religions and backgrounds. By nurturing diversity and multiple viewpoints, we’re preparing graduates for increasingly global and diverse workplaces with a growing emphasis on collaboration and teamwork.

Strong networks that lead to opportunities

The connections our students develop during and after their time at DePaul—from professors who are active in their fields to a network of more than 100,000 alumni working in all sectors in the Chicago area—lead to many educational and career opportunities. We devote a lot of time and energy to making sure these networks are beneficial and hard-working for everyone involved.