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DePaul's Computer Game Development program teaches the fundamentals and details of computer game development and prepares you to work in computer gaming and interactive media fields.

The Computer Game Development program offers courses in:

  • 3-D modeling
  • Animation
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Game design
  • Game programming
  • Physics
The program offers three concentrations: Game Design; Gameplay Programming; and Systems Programming.

The Game Design concentration focuses on:

  • Creation of multiple playable game builds
  • Design effectiveness
  • Game design
  • Game development
  • Playtesting
  • Prototyping
The Gameplay Programming concentration focuses on:

  • Artificial intelligence programming
  • Computer graphics development
  • Game physics
  • Game programming
  • Game scripting
  • Level design
The Systems Programming concentration focuses on:

  • Artificial intelligence programming
  • Computer science
  • Operation systems
  • Systems development
We also offer a combined bachelor's/master's degree program in Computer Game Development, which allows you to complete a bachelor's degree and a graduate degree in Computer Game Development in five years.

Internship Possibilities

  • EA Video Games
  • Entertaining Games, Inc.
  • Wideload Games Inc.
  • WMS Gaming

What can you do with this degree?

  • Animation
  • Commercial production
  • Computer graphics
  • Computer science
  • Game development
  • Movie production
  • Software engineering
  • Television production