To inquire about this program:
Admission Office | 312-362-8300 ​

The Interactive and Social Media program combines technical and artistic areas of study to prepare you for a career in interactive web design and development. You will learn how to analyze, design, develop and evaluate effective computer interfaces to provide better user experiences.

As an Interactive and Social Media major, you will take courses in:

  • Animation
  • Art
  • Cinema
  • Communication
  • Computer science
  • Design and modeling
  • Engineering
  • Psychology
  • Web development
The Interactive and Social Media program offers two concentrations: a Design concentration and a Development concentration. The Design concentration emphasizes coursework in interaction design as well as strategies for incorporating social computing into websites and mobile applications. The Development concentration emphasizes coursework in information technology and interactive scripting.

The Interactive and Social Media curriculum will give you expertise in:

  • Conducting usability tests for interactive websites
  • Creating prototypes for interactive displays
  • Designing, coding and creating content for computer games
  • Developing well-designed websites and interactive applications
  • Employing visual design principles to effectively express ideas and concepts
We also offer a combined bachelor's/master's degree program in Interactive and Social Media, which allows you to complete a bachelor's degree and a graduate degree in Interactive and Social Media in five years.

Internship Possibilities

  • Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ
  • Digital Kitchen
  • Google
  • Tribune Technology

What can you do with this degree?

  • Advertising
  • Application development
  • Consulting
  • Game development
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Web development
  • Web design