Throughout the financial aid process we will e-mail you to let you know the status of your application and awards.  Most of our notifications are sent directly to your preferred e-mail address.

You can view and update your preferred e-mail address in Campus Connect. As an admitted student, you will be issued a university e-mail address. We strongly encourage you to activate and use this address. However, you have the option to maintain a personal e-mail address as your preferred e-mail. Regardless of which option you choose, please be sure to keep your e-mail address current and check your inbox regularly for messages from DePaul's Office of Financial Aid. For details on activating or updating your e-mail account, please visit the DePaul student e-mail website

There will be instances when we send paper notifications to your home mailing address. To assure prompt delivery of your information, please be sure that your mailing address is kept current in Campus Connect.​

Important Note: DePaul students conduct most of their administrative tasks (from registering for classes to monitoring their student accounts) through Campus Connect, DePaul’s online portal.  When you establish your Campus Connect account and participate in any financial aid program (federal, state, institutional or private agency) at DePaul University, you are consenting to conduct your business electronically with the DePaul Office of Financial Aid.  Using Campus Connect is the fastest, most secure and accurate way to conduct business at the university.  If you cannot and/or do not wish to participate electronically, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at DePaul Central to discuss your options.