The DePaul University Payment Plan (DePUPP)

The DePaul University Payment Plan (DePUPP) is a convenient monthly payment plan that allows your or your parents to pay annual tuition, room and board expenses in monthly installments. Since this is not a loan program, it carries no interest charges and there are no credit or financial need requirements. There is an application fee. For further information, please visit the DePUPP website​.

The In-Term Payment Plan

The DePaul In-Term Payment Plan allows you to make three installment payments within the current term. Law students may make four payments in the current semester. One third is due on the Tuition Due Date for the term; the remaining payments are due on the dates assigned in the plan. The balance must be paid in full by the end of the current term or semester. For further information, please visit the In-Term Payment Plan website.

The Third-Party Payment Plan

Many students receive financial aid in the form of contracts from employers and/or agencies, such as the federal government or corporate offices. The amount that is covered is determined by a student's employer/agency. For billing and payment options for third-party arrangements, please visit the
Third Party Payment Plan website.

DePaul University's Extension Plan for Employer Reimbursement (DePEPER)

If you receive tuition reimbursement from your employer, DePEPER is for you. Through this deferred billing program, you may delay paying your tuition until after you have received your course grades, which many employers require for reimbursement. However, you may not participate in the program during terms in which you are receiving financial aid. There is an application fee. For further information, please visit the DePEPER website.