SNL CLEP Competence Articulation

The following list correlates each CLEP exam with specific SNL competences in the Liberal and Lifelong Learning Areas. These are the only competences and exams students may submit in these areas. Exams not listed may not be used.

Students may submit an exam, whether listed or not, for a Focus Area competence. However, such an exam must be relevant to the focus area and students must get approval from their Academic Committee.

Each exam may be submitted for only one competence.

The ACE-recommended minimum score of 50 is required for submission and acceptance of all exams, except the following: French Language, Level 2, 62; German Level 2, 63; and Spanish, Level 2, 66.

These exams will be processed in the same manner as pre-approved transfer coursework, using SNL's pre-approved logsheets.

Students transferring from SNL to another college at DePaul must abide by the CLEP credit awards required by the college to which they are transferring.

If you have questions, please consult the School for New Learning website or call them at (312) 362-8001.

DePaul SNL CLEP Credit Awards

​CLEP E​xam Name​​ Competence​
American Government​​​ ​H1C or H1X
American Literature​ ​A1A, A1C, A1D, A1E or A1X
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature​ ​A1A, A1C or A1X
Biology​ ​S2A, S2C, S2D or S2X
Calculus​ ​L6 or S2X
​Chemistry ​S2B or S2X
​College Algebra ​L6 or S2X
College Algebra - Trigonometry​ ​L6 or S2X
College Math​ ​L6 or S2X
English Literature​ ​A1A, A1C, A1D, A1E or A1X
​French Language, Level 1 ​H1G or H1X
French Language, Level 2​ ​H1G or H1X
German Language, Level 1​ ​H1G or H1X
German Language, Level 2​ ​H1G or H1X
​History of the U.S. I ​H1F or H1X
​History of the U.S. II ​H1F or H1X
Human Growth and Development​ ​S2C, S2X or H3X
Humanities​ ​A1A, A1C or A1X
Information Systems and Computer Applications​ ​S1D or S1X
Introduction to Business Law​ ​H1D or H1X
Introduction to Educational Psychology​ ​H3A or H3X
Introduction to Psychology​ ​H3A or H3X
Introduction to Sociology​ ​H1X, H2F or H2X
Natural Sciences​ ​S2X
​Principles of Macroeconomics ​H1C or H1X
​Principles of Microeconomics ​H1X
​Social Science and History ​H1X
​Spanish Language, Level 1 ​H1G or H1X
​Spanish Language, Level 2 ​H1G or H1X
Trigonometry​ ​LG, S2X, H1G or H1X
Western Civilization I​ ​H1F or H1X
Western Civilization II​ ​H1F or H1X