In order to serve the needs of transfer advisors at Illinois community colleges, we’ve compiled a collection of links to help you advise students about transferring to DePaul University.

Applying for Admission
Learn more about the transfer admission process, or apply for admission as a transfer student.

Transfer Articulation Center (TrAC)
Ask questions related to transfer credit or Form 13's by contacting​.

Community Colleges
The community college pages show contact names and special agreements DePaul has with Illinois community colleges.

Check our Admission Events Calendar to find out about other events held here on campus sponsored by the Office of Admission.

Illinois Articulation Initiative (IAI)
DePaul is a member of the Illinois Articulation Initiative, IAI.  Read about DePaul’s IAI agreement, which requires some mission-specific courses, along with the General Education Core Curriculum.

Major Requirements
You can see the requirements in all DePaul majors along with the Liberal Studies Requirements at this link.

Transfer Course Work
Transfer Course Lists: want to see if courses transfer?

Transferology™ (formerly will give you quick answers on how your college credits will transfer to DePaul. Set up an account, add your course work and get your results immediately.

Read about our Academic Policies, including information for Transfer Students at DePaul in our Undergraduate Catalog.

Transfer Partnerships with DePaul

  • The Office of Community College Partnerships at DePaul exists to link faculty at DePaul with faculty at community colleges.  The goal is to create ongoing dialogs about curriculum so that articulation and curriculum planning between DePaul programs and those at community colleges stays connected.

The Partnership Office facilitates:

  • Program-to-program agreements, which can be found on the Community College page where you will find a pop-up for each Illinois community college containing special agreements between DePaul and these institutions
  • Dual admission agreements
  • Faculty-to-faculty meetings within disciplines
  • Faculty visits
If you want to inquire about a partnership with your institution, contact the Diretor of Community College Partnerships at (312) 362-8657.