From all of the transferrable courses listed on the transfer guides, how do I know which are the best courses for me to take prior to transferring to DePaul? 

The transfer guides show some introductory or core course requirements in majors that can be taken at the community college. It is not required that you take core or introductory courses before transferring; these courses are listed to help in providing appropriate options when needed.  All Illinois community colleges are on the semester credits system while DePaul is on the quarter credit system.  In order to promote the best learning experience and provide for the best transfer experience, it is generally recommended that you complete the entire sequence of sequence-based courses at the same institution.  Transferring prior to completing the sequence could possibly result in loss of credit.  

Reminder: There are limits to the amount of transfer coursework that can be applied to your degree. You may transfer a maximum of 66 semester hours/99 quarter hours from two-year institutions and a maximum of 88 semester hours/132 quarter hours from four-year institutions.

Helpful information to understand your evaluation of transfer credit:

  • Generally transferrable courses (4RVW and TRNS, TR) and elective courses will be applied to degree requirements upon review of the College Advisor in your advising appointments.
  • When you see a course like this: SPE 101 it means that the course does transfer but it cannot count in the category in the major or cluster of majors where the course is listed.
Driehaus College of Business
In the Driehaus College of Business there are nine majors to choose from: Accountancy, Economics, Business Administration, E-Business, Real Estate, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing, and Finance.

Recommended courses/course sequences to be completed prior to enrolling at DePaul to facilitate for a smooth transfer and ability to enroll in business classes upon arrival at DePaul:

  • One year of composition (strongly recommended)
  • One year of calculus (strongly recommended)
  • Business stats
  • Managerial accounting
  • Financial accounting
  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Business Law
College of Communication

In the College of Communication there are five majors to choose from: Communication Studies, Journalism, Media and Cinema Studies, Public Relations and Advertising, and Communication & Media.

College of Computing and Digital Media (CDM)
In the College of Computing and Digital Media there are 19 majors to choose from: BA in Animation, BS in Animation, BS in Computer Games Development, BS in Computer Graphics and Motion Technology, BS in E-Commerce Technology, BS in Information Assurance and Security Engineering, BS in Information Systems, BA in Information Technology, BS in Math and Computer Science, BS in Network Technology, BS in Computer Science, BA in Digital Cinema, BS in Digital Cinema, BS in Information Technology, and BS in Interactive Media.

College of Education
In the College of Education there are four majors to choose from: Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Physical Education.

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
In the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences there are over 30 majors. The Transfer Guides show the Liberal Studies Requirements per major by grouping majors together in clusters if they have the same number of courses required in the Learning Domain Categories. 

Recommended courses/course sequences to be completed prior to enrolling at DePaul to facilitate for a smooth transfer and ability to enroll in courses in selected major upon arrival at DePaul:

  • Completion of an entire sequence in a field is preferred over courses from multiple fields. For example: it is recommended that students complete an entire biology sequence at a community college rather than one course in biology, one in chemistry and one in physics.
  • Students transferring after one year at a community college should complete all pre-calculus courses.
  • Students transferring after two years at a community college should complete the entire calculus sequence.

School for New Learning
The School for New Learning (SNL) is a unique college at DePaul with degree programs designed for adult students. This competence-based curriculum asks students to show proof of competence in 50 cognitive areas. Beginning in Fall 2008-2009, policies were developed to help adult transfer students from Illinois community colleges who have completed the IAI/GECC package make a smooth transition into any of the SNL degree programs. The SNL curriculum can be individualized or students can pursue joint degrees that include courses from SNL and other colleges at DePaul.  Learn about the SNL competence-based approach to learning that is particularly suited to adult students seeking to complete their bachelor's degrees.

Attend an SNL Undergraduate Information Session that will help you see how transferring into SNL with the IAI/GECC package can work for you, or contact the SNL Admissions office at (312) 362-5551. Any other college-level courses that the adult transfer student has completed above and beyond the IAI/GECC will be considered for transfer under normal SNL transfer course policies.   

School of Music and The Theatre School
The School of Music and The Theatre School at DePaul welcome transfer applications, but few transfer students are admitted to either school. All music applicants and acting students must pass a stringent audition process, in which they need to demonstrate a high level of artistic proficiency and skill. Because much of the course work is sequential, applicants would begin in the fall of each academic year; mid-year applicants are not accepted.

All courses in the major must be completed at DePaul, and most courses are offered throughout a four-year span; therefore, many transfer students will be at DePaul for an extended period of time.

For more information, please contact the admissions offices of The Theatre School at (773) 325-7917 and the School of Music at (312) 325-7444.

Undeclared Majors:
For students who still have not chosen their major, please notice that often the major at DePaul makes a difference in what is required in the Liberal Studies Program. Our best recommendation for undeclared students is that they follow the requirements of the IAI General Education Core Curriculum (IAI/GECC), a curriculum offered at all Illinois Community Colleges and one that DePaul accepts in a standard way, no matter what major you choose at DePaul. The IAI/GECC acceptance policy is included in this guide along with the Transfer Policies from the DePaul catalog.

For information on how specific courses articulate to DePaul, go to:
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