DePaul has teamed up with our community college partners to help students transfer smoothly from their community college to DePaul. The information in our community college Transfer Guides will help provide assistance in determining how courses completed at a community college may be applied to DePaul bachelor’s degree requirements.

Our Transfer Guides appear below in separate links, depending on the college in which you want to enroll. The first link includes the following colleges and schools at DePaul: Business, Communication, Computing and Digital Media, Education, Science and Health and Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

A separate set of Transfer Guides will take you to the Transfer Course List for adult students enrolling in the School for New Learning (SNL). 

The Transfer Course List includes transfer course equivalencies for many other colleges and universities, including Illinois community colleges not found in the Transfer Guides list.

How to get started:
View transfer guides for Business, Communication, Computing and Digital Media, Education, Science and Health, or Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

Below you will find three drop-down menus. The first menu contains a list of all of the community colleges for which DePaul has Transfer Guides available. To begin, select your community college from the drop-down menu, then select the DePaul college or school in which you are interested in, followed by your intended program. Click “Submit.” Allow a minute or so for the Transfer Guides to load.

Some tips on using the Transfer Guides:
Hovering over the courses in the right column will give you the equivalent DePaul course number and title.

Courses within the shaded boxes all share the same DePaul course equivalent. You should take only one course from each shaded box to avoid losing credit for repeated coursework.

Transfer Institution:

​School for New Learning (SNL)

The School for New Learning (SNL) provides a unique approach to learning for adult students. This competence-based curriculum asks students to show proof of competence in 50 cognitive areas. Those competence areas have been equated with community college courses to show how they transfer to meet the SNL degree requirements. 

SNL does accept the IAI/GECC as a package that meets many of those competence requirements. Read the IAI/GECC policy and the SNL website to learn exactly how this would work. 

Go to the Transfer Course page to see how the courses from your community college will apply to your SNL degree. Be sure to check the box for the SNL Transfer Course List.

You may also visit our Transfer Course list​ for information on individual course articulations for over 1,000 colleges and universities around the United States in addition to community colleges in Illinois.​