• Begin participation in DAPP as early as possible in their college experience, prior to completing 30 semester hours/45 quarter hours of college level credit.
  • Students must be in good standing at their community college at the time they begin in DAPP and at the time of admission to DePaul.

  • Apply for admission to DePaul University as a transfer student indicating their intended date of transfer and major. Students who have not decided on a major may join DAPP, by identifying themselves as an ‘undeclared major.’ Degree requirements will not be able to be locked in until a major is declared.

  • Notify both their community college and DePaul University of their intent to participate in DePaul Admission Partnership Program, their intended date of transfer, and major, if known. Notify both schools if intent, date of transfer, or major changes.

  • Follow counseling provided by DePaul Transfer Admissions Counselor. (Specific Program requirements are subject to change so regular advising is required.) Seeking regular counseling and following the degree path provided will grant opportunity for the student’s credentials to be reviewed in an Accelerated Transfer Admission (ATA) process. Admission to some programs, like Commerce and Education, have additional specific major related requirements which will need to be satisfied in the junior and senior years at DePaul University.

  • Maintain continuous enrollment of at least two courses per term not including summer in a transfer degree program.

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress, cumulative GPA 2.00 at the community college. Maintain eligibility for admission to DePaul and the program of their choice. College of Commerce programs and School of Education programs require cumulative transfer GPA of 2.50. 

  • Submit updated transcripts at the completion of each term to the Office of Undergraduate Admission. A final official transcript from the transfer community college must be submitted for the formal admission decision at the time of transfer. Discrepancies between the student transcripts and the official transcript will be reviewed and could result in termination of the provisions of DAPP.

  • Enroll as a transfer student at DePaul within three academic years of initial participation in DAPP.​