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Summer/Autumn 2013
Catalog update:
May 15, 2013

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Allison McCracken, Ph.D.

Program Co-Director and Associate Professor (American Studies)
University of Iowa

John Burton, Ph.D.

Program Co-Director and Associate Professor (American Studies)
College of William and Mary

Lori Pierce, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (American Studies)
University of Hawai'i-Manoa

Program Committee Faculty

Jane Baxter, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Anthropology)
University of Michigan 

Amor Kohli, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (African and Black Diaspora Studies)
Tufts University 

Barbara Schaffer, M.A.

Instructor (English)
Washington University

Amy Tyson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (History)
University of Minnesota

Elizabeth Kelly, Ph.D.

Professor (Women’s and Gender Studies, Irish Studies)
Rutgers University

Beth Zoufal, MA

Instructor & Debate Coach (College of Communication)
University of Illinois, Urbana

Eric Murphy Selinger, Ph.D.

Professor (English)
University of California, Los Angeles 

Associated Faculty

James Brask, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (American Studies)
University of Northern Illinois

Jaime Hovey, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor (American Studies)

Elias (Eli) Vitulli, Ph.D.

Lecturer (American Studies)

Affiliated Faculty

Winifred Curran, Ph.D.


Laura Kina, MFA

Studio Art

Lucy Rinehart, Ph.D.


Traci Schlesinger, Ph.D.


Paul Booth, Ph.D.

College of Communication

Jim Block, Ph.D

Political Science

Mark Pohlad, Ph.D

History of Art & Architecture

Barb Willard, Ph.D

College of Communication

Bill Johnson Gonzalez, Ph.D


Tom Foster, Ph.D


Valerie Johnson, Ph.D

Political Science

Daniel Makagon, Ph.D

College of Communication

Michael DeAngelis, Ph.D

College of Communication

June Chung, Ph.D


Laura Owen, Ph.D


Chernoh Sesay, Ph.D

Religious Studies

Amina Gautier, Ph.D