Meeting Degree Requirements

You must successfully complete all of the degree requirements as listed in the departmental or program sections of the University Catalog under which you were admitted. All requirements must be completed by the grading deadline of the degree conferral quarter.

Earning Degrees with Distinction

Requirements for earning a master's degree with distinction vary by program.  Unless otherwise indicated, the minimum cumulative grade point average for distinction for coursework applied toward a particular College graduate program is 3.75.  Additional or other criteria might need to be met in many programs, such as passing a comprehensive examination or writing a thesis with distinction. Refer to your Program Academic Student Handbook for any differing or specific requirements on minimum grade point average or additional criteria.

Degree Conferral

Applying for degree conferral requires the anticipated completion by the stated degree conferral deadline of all program requirements including: a) completion of all coursework, b) possible field experiences, c) final project, thesis or dissertation requirements - the College's graduate student services administrator will arrange for the electronic archival of students' theses and dissertations with the DePaul University Libraries, d) passing comprehensive or final exams, e) minimum number of credit hours to graduate, f) earning minimum cumulative GPA, and g) DePaul's receipt of undergraduate transcript showing awarded degree. 

Degree conferral candidates must apply for degree conferral online via Campus Connection.  Submitting the online degree conferral application does not guarantee the conferral (granting) of a degree from DePaul University.  Degree requirements are audited at the end of the expected completion term indicated.

In order to have your degree conferred, you cannot have any outstanding incomplete or research grades, transfer credit, grade changes, substitutions, or waivers. All exams must be completed and graded, and theses/dissertations or other capstone projects must be graded and submitted. Failure to have these items complete by the end of the degree conferral term will prompt the College's Office of Advising and Student Services to revoke degree conferral candidacy. If you wish to postpone your degree conferral or are ineligible to graduate, you must reapply online for a subsequent term.

If you meet all requirements, your degree will be conferred within 30 days of the end of the term.  Diplomas are mailed to graduates without financial holds, by the Office of Student Records, generally within 45-60 days after the end of the term.

DePaul reports degree information to the National Student Clearinghouse on a monthly basis.  Many companies, universities and colleges, and agencies use this service to verify awarded degrees.  Your degree will only be verified by the Clearinghouse if your Privacy Settings in Campus Connection indicate this as releasable information at the time your degree is conferred.  Please verify your Privacy Settings before the end of your completion term.


Commencement is a symbolic celebration of your achievement.  One ceremony is held in June of each year.  June and August degree conferral audits occur after the ceremony.  Due to the timing of your final cumulative GPA calculation, graduation with distinction for June and August candidates may not be announced at the ceremony, but it might appear on the transcript and diploma.

Deadlines for Degree Conferral and Commencement Participation

The University confers graduate degrees four times per year, after the autumn, winter, spring, and summer terms.  The deadlines for applying for quarterly degree conferral are as follows: 

Autumn Term - apply by October 1st

Winter Term - apply by January 15th

Spring Term - apply by February 1st 

Summer Term - apply by July 15th.

One Commencement ceremony is held in June of each year.  The deadline for applying (RSVPing) for June Commencement is February 1st.