​To earn a Certificate in Intellectual Property with a Patent Law specialty, a student must complete the eighty-six (86) semester hours required for the Juris Doctor degree and satisfy all JD requirements. Within the elective course work required for the JD degree, a student must fulfill the following requirements:

Course Requirements (9 credit hours)

Required Electives

Choose one from this list (three credit hours)


Choose from this list (three credit hours)

Please note that not every seminar is offered every year.

LAW 271


(3 credits) This course will be a substantive and procedural discussion of the creation and enforcement of trademark rights and the rights conferred by statutory and common law under the general rubric of unfair competition law. Topics may include trademark law (including dilution), misappropriation of trade values and trade secrets, regulation of false and deceptive advertising, interference with contracts and trade relations and the right of publicity.