​This focus area track is devoted to the application of computers and related technologies to address the operational, tactical, and strategic challenges facing business, non-profit and government organizations. Students can apply their knowledge of hardware, software, business processes and procedures to help organizations improve performance and meet tactical and strategic goals.

IS 201


This course demonstrates how information is used by organizations to conduct business and solve problems. This course presents information systems principles and demonstrates how they form an integral part of modern organizations. Topics include systems concepts; organizational processes; technological aspects of information systems; the Internet; IT security and ethical issues; database management; and systems development life cycle. In addition, students familiarize themselves with the DePaul computing environment and demonstrate competency at navigating that environment. PREREQUISITE(S): none

IS 215


This course presents a structured approach to analysis and design of an information system for a business. The systems development life cycle will be defined and described. Process descriptions, user and task analysis for interface development, prototyping, data flow and entity relationship diagramming will be presented. Case studies that promote critical-thinking skills provide the context for these techniques. Formerly IT 215. PREREQUISITE(S): none

IT 240


This course will introduce students to the design, implementation and use of desktop databases. Major topics include: modeling using ER diagrams, creating and maintaining a database using a PC based application, compose and use queries in Structured Query Language, create and customize forms and reports, and integrate databases with other sources of data and applications. PREREQUISITE(S): NONE

IS 372


(Cross-listed with ECT 372) An introduction to the concept and techniques of project management for a broad range of systems, including Web-based application development. Topics include resource management, organizational factors, project manager responsibilities, team building, and risk management. Tools and techniques for project estimating and scheduling will be presented. Case study and group projects. PREREQUISITE(S): IT215

IS 373


A course on technical and management aspects of enterprise systems, including hands-on experience. It incorporates hands-on experience on enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Topics include: characteristics and selection of ERP systems, ERP implementation, customer relationship management (CRM), supply chain management (SCM), ERP systems administration, cloud computing and ERP, and enterprise integration with EPR. PREREQUISITE(S): IS 215