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Winter 2013
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Achieving Scholarship Resources Key Measure of Campaign Success

Heading into the final 18 months of the Many Dreams, One Mission Campaign, progress moved steadily toward the $300 million overall objective, and campaign and university leaders continued to focus not just on the overall goal, but on the $100 million goal for scholarships.

It is unusual among major university campaigns to devote such a large proportion of the overall campaign goal to raising endowed and expendable scholarship support. Yet it is indicative of DePaul’s steady historical commitment to serve a broad economic cross-section of students, especially those who may be the first in their families to attend college.

As of March 6, 2013, gifts to the campaign had reached $274.4 million toward the overall $300 million goal. Gifts for scholarships surpassed $81 million toward the goal of $100 million.

The campaign has helped to create new facilities in science and the arts, endowed faculty positions in a number of disciplines and, thus far, has led to the establishment of more than 420 scholarships. Campaign leaders are committed to exceeding all goals set forth in the campaign, and with government student-aid programs in jeopardy and loan programs tightening, the $100 million scholarship goal becomes especially critical to maintaining DePaul’s historical commitment to attracting talented students.

This is the most ambitious campaign in DePaul’s history, and gifts have surpassed all fundraising records. With more than 30,000 individuals making gifts throughout the campaign, it is clear alumni engagement and support have increased markedly. Sixty-six percent of gifts to the campaign have come from alumni.

“The cornerstone of this campaign remains our $100 million mark for scholarship support,” says Jim Jenness (BUS ’69, MBA ’71, DHL ’06), chairman of the university’s board of trustees, who made a leadership gift to scholarships early in the campaign. “We must be able to continue to assure that talented students from all backgrounds are able to achieve an excellent education at DePaul.”

Ryan Dickerson: Benefiting the Larger Community

Ryan Dickerson’s family lived in many different places, but she has found a sense of community at DePaul. “I would not have been able to come to DePaul without a scholarship,” she says. “Scholarships allow talented people from different backgrounds to attend DePaul, which makes for great learning opportunities.” Ryan’s major in studio arts and minor in community service illustrate how the aspirations of one individual benefit the larger community. Her service projects at DePaul have included creating public art and working with developmentally disabled adults. “I am finding a voice through which I help others tell their stories,” she says. “St. Vincent would be happy. Every era has its own problems, disparities and injustices, but here, people come together to learn and make a difference.”

Sam Rathke: One Gift Touches Many Lives

Junior journalism major Sam Rathke learned at an early age the importance of being there for others. When Rathke was 8 years old, his father, a physician, died of a brain aneurysm. In high school, he volunteered at a summer camp for children who had lost parents or siblings. “I felt called upon to volunteer, and it really clicked for me. It was a place where I could translate my painful loss into healing for others.” This calling eventually led him to DePaul. “I had that instinctive sense of, as St. Vincent said, ‘What must be done?’” At DePaul, Rathke has continued his dedication to service, working with University Ministry and becoming a part of the Vincentian Mission Fellows program. He is coordinator of Hoops for Hope, a program in which DePaul students mentor students on the West Side of Chicago. As the only member of his family to ever leave his hometown of Duluth, Minn., a DePaul scholarship eased the transition. “If it weren’t for the scholarship,” he says, “I wouldn’t have been able to attend DePaul. I am so grateful, and I hope that scholarship donors appreciate how much one gift touches so many lives.”

Kenny Wabomnor: Inspiring Ambitious Dreams

Kenny Wabomnor, a senior from suburban Chicago, is completing a degree in political science and has a dream to attend law school. “DePaul combines excellent academics with an ethic of public service that asks you to think about how your aspirations serve the larger world,” Wabomnor says. The generosity of DePaul donors has helped him advance his dreams. “The idea that there are people out there who are supporting my education is inspiring and encourages me to dream big, work hard and exceed expectations.” Gifts for scholarships make a difference not only to students, but to their families and communities. “I needed the financial aid to be able to attend DePaul,” Wabomnor says. “Scholarship support has opened so many doors for me and has lifted a tremendous load off my family’s shoulders. With two other kids in college, I think my parents may have been even more thrilled about my financial aid than I was.”

For more information: campaign.depaul.edu