Urban Garden
Growing in the city.

Finals Week
Tips on how to survive.

Raising funds, raising awareness.

St. Vincent de Paul 101
Pop quiz: Who is this man? What's he all about?

Global Brigades
These service trips will change your life.

Inside Corcoran Hall
Find out why everyone's door is always open.

On the Air With Radio DePaul
What's playing on the nation's best college radio station?

Not Your Average Spring Break
Students spend a week giving back to communities in need.

Welcome Week
It's your first week at DePaul.

Move-In Day
College starts... now.

Discover Chicago
Start your time at DePaul in this week-long class about Chicago.

Project Blueprint
Interested in starting your own business?

Vroom…With a View
Take a ride down Chicago's scenic Lake Shore Drive.

Next Stop: Fullerton
Getting from one campus to the other is easy.

My Kind of Town
Take a pizza tour, bike tour, or mobster tour of Chicago.

Eat Up the World in Chicago
Samosas, sushi and saganaki — try something new for dinner.