I chose my area of study because... I love working with young people, and I also get a great deal of satisfaction from helping colleagues do the best work that they can. I wanted to attend a program that has a focus on both the practical aspects of school management, as well as the philosophy of what makes a great school leader.​

The learning environment here at DePaul is... terrific. I’ve been able to learn alongside a diverse group of brilliant people, each bringing their own perspectives and ideas to the table. The coursework has been challenging, with a great balance of reading, discussion and hands-on exploration of issues.​

When I have free time, I like to... discover new music around town, read and write. I’m also a marathon runner.​

My favorite thing to do off campus is... running along Chicago’s beautiful lakefront. I can also catch great music any night of the week around town, which is terrific.​

One thing I didn’t know about DePaul before coming was... the commitment to Vincentian values which is woven into every course. It puts a great perspective on everything that I’ve learned, and has made the lessons more real and important. It gave me the chance to reflect on how my studies might help people and make the world a better place.​

Here, the diversity of students, faculty and staff... make the learning experience much more vibrant. The diversity of DePaul was the chief reason that I came here. I love having the opportunity to connect with people who have different viewpoints and perspectives. It added an important dimension to all of my class work and opened my eyes about many things.​

DePaul's graduate School of Education program is unique, compared to other schools I considered attending because... the program really looked to produce well-rounded intellectual leaders. Not only did I learn a lot about the nuts and bolts of school management, but I feel like DePaul made me think of what it means to be a leader and the responsibilities which educators have towards their communities. I feel that this program gave me a great foundation, as well as the tools with which I can build my career.​

The best thing about DePaul is... its location in the heart of Chicago. It provides a second educational experience for students, as they explore this great city. Whether your interest is business, education or the fine arts, the city provides real-world examples of your studies and you are free to explore and learn from the world around you.​

My greatest success as a student here has been... completing my master's degree in Educational Leadership, and learning from great teachers in a great program.​

The one thing I’d like to say to students considering DePaul... take a moment to consider everything that DePaul has to offer — both a fantastic academic program as well as a wonderful, diverse environment. It’s a terrific university in the heart of a terrific city — the possibilities are endless.​

Area of Study: Graduate Educational Leadership
Graduation Date: May, 2008
Hometown: Park Ridge, Illinois
Alma Mater: Loyola University
Awards & Achievements:
​Dean's List​​​​​​​​​​​​
Campus Involvement:
Current Employment:
​Technology Director for Northbrook/Glenview School District 30​