I chose to study in the School for New Learning (SNL) because… I wanted to be in a program with other adults. Also, I chose SNL because it is flexible; it does not interfere with my work schedule and most importantly, because in SNL, I was able to transfer my previous college credits.​​

The class I most enjoyed here was… Human Rights in Chicago and Around the World. This class was very interesting and informative. The class material was appropriate and the amount of work assigned in this class was fair but intense.​​

As a School for New Learning student, building my own customized program has been… an opportunity that I did not find elsewhere. I’ve always wanted to study both community and international development as one combined program. Before I applied to SNL, I looked into different universities; I could not find a school that offers an opportunity like the School for New Learning. Here at SNL, I was able to design my focus area based on my professional and educational fields of interest. This is one of the beauties of the program; SNL was the best fit for me.​

My experience as an adult student at DePaul has been… excellent. The learning environment has been quite encouraging. I like the fact that students in SNL are all adults who have gained or developed important interpersonal skills, they know what they want, and have a lot to bring to the discussion since they have experience that they have acquired through career or simply by performing parental roles. These unique characteristics of adult students at SNL enrich the learning environment. In addition, I have experienced a sort of inter-teaching dynamic, among students and between students and professors. This mutual learning has increased my self-esteem because I don’t feel like a simple recipient, but a contributor who has something to offer. And this feeling creates a favorable and rich learning environment.​​

Area of Study: Community and International Development
Graduation Date: September, 2009
High School:
Awards & Achievements:
Undergraduate degree in Rural Development with specialization in project planning from The Superior Institute of Rural Development ISDR/Bukavu Democratic Republic of Congo​​​​​​
Campus Involvement:
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