I chose my major because... I have always loved the arts and when I realized that I would never be a ballerina, I turned to theater as my artistic outlet. I chose the Theatre Arts major because I wanted to learn about all aspects of theater and the Theatre Arts major allows me to do that. I get to take performance classes, design classes and management classes, for example, and then pick and choose what the rest of my curriculum based on my individual interests.​

My favorite thing to do on campus is... to spend time in The Theatre School lobby. It’s definitely not the place to go if you want peace and quiet because, inevitably, you’ll be surrounded by actors doing vocal warm-ups or someone playing guitar or construction sounds from the scene shop, but the atmosphere is so friendly and homey that the wide variety of things going on becomes comforting.​​

I decided to attend DePaul because... I knew I wanted to go to school in Chicago. Even coming from New York City, I think that Chicago is an amazing theater town. There is always something new to do or to see. I was also attracted by the BFA in Theater Arts. At DePaul, I knew I could still get a well-rounded education, even within The Theatre School’s highly-structured conservatory setting.​​

The learning environment here at DePaul is... very collaborative. There is no question that professors have a lot of knowledge to impart to students, but, in The Theatre School, we are constantly working together on productions and while the faculty is there to guide us, the exchange of ideas ultimately flows both ways.​​

My favorite professor at DePaul is... Barry Brunetti. He teaches history of dramatic literature in the first year and is the head of the Theatre Arts major. You can go to Barry with any problem you have, whether or not it is school related. And even if he can’t help you all the time, he can always make you laugh.​​

When I have free time, I like to... go to someplace in Chicago that I have never been before. It is so much fun to explore this city! Wicker Park is a great neighborhood (it feels most like home to me), as well as Greek Town, Lincoln Square and Devon Street (where you can find amazing Indian food).​​

The greatest thing about going to school in Chicago is... never having to be bored. It is such a diverse city and there is always something new to do. I particularly love to go into the Loop for some cheap theater (because, as students, we are constantly getting discounted ticket offers) or dance.​​

At DePaul, service learning is... integral to the DePaul experience. Almost every class I have taken has spent at least some time talking about how the topics we have discussed affect the world as a whole: about the societal, economic or artistic implications. The constant encouragement to participate in service activities serves as a reminder that we are truly lucky to be getting a higher education and it is our responsibility to give back to whatever community we may be a part of, both while we are at DePaul and once we leave it.​​

The one DePaul experience I will always remember will be... my Discover Chicago class. Jesus Pando taught Chicago in Sound. I think he is usually a physics professor, but he was a great Discover teacher. His approach during immersion week was to take us to a variety of neighborhoods and just let us explore. One day, we went to Ukrainian Village and we ended up spending the whole day at this one church because, while we were standing outside the church, an older Ukrainian gentleman came by. He was some sort of official there and he invited us inside and told us his entire life story. He spoke all about living in Europe during the Second World War and how he fled to Chicago. He told us about Ukrainian Village and its evolution. He told us about the history of the church. It was fascinating.​​

The best thing about DePaul is... its location. You are definitely in Chicago, but not smack dab in the middle of downtown. Lincoln Park is a beautiful, safe little neighborhood that is right near the El, so you can travel around the city easily.​​

What I remember most about my first quarter at DePaul is... having potluck dinners as a floor in my residence hall. I quickly became friends with a lot of people in my dorm and we used to all get together for dinner in the common area. Some people would cook and some people would bring potato chips or pretzels. It was so much fun, and usually pretty tasty!​​

My greatest success as a student here has been... getting to know my classmates. No matter how many A's or scholarships I get or how many academic successes I have, I still am most proud of the fact that I will leave knowing my entire graduating class from The Theatre School.​​

After graduation, I plan to... wait, I have to graduate? Kidding. I’m not entirely sure what I want to do exactly, but I know I would like to work in arts administration, probably in either theater or dance.​​

The one thing I’d like to say to students considering DePaul... really try to visit the school before you make your decision. Coming and meeting the students and getting a feel for the place will go a long way in helping you decide where you will be most happy. Even if you simply take a walk around the campus, you will definitely get a sense of what it’s like to be part of the DePaul community.​​

Area of Study: Theatre Arts with a minor in Psychology
Graduation Date: June, 2008
Hometown: New York, New York
High School: NYC Lab School
Awards & Achievements:
  • ​Theatre School Talent Scholarship
  • Theatre Studies Scholarship
  • Dean’s List
Campus Involvement:
  • ​Secretary, ST*RS 2008
  • Assistant Director, Cloud Tectonics
Current Employment:
​The Theatre School Admission Office​