Describe yourself: ​Focused, dedicated, confident

Most important thing I've learned so far in my major: ​Your degree program will not always give you the answers you're looking for.  Classes only provide tools to help explain the world. Always look beyond the scope of your classes and try to learn from every experience.​​

Biggest goal in life: ​To help develop and implement an effective system which emphasizes education and health in the United States

I'm most proud of: ​My openness to new ideas, and incorporating them into my personal, or alternative, concepts

Can't live without: Having goals.  I must have a vision of what I want to accomplish.  It's what gets me out of bed in the morning.  ​

Love going to school in Chicago: ​Because I'm not limited to the boundaries of the campus. The city is the best classroom.

Thin crust or deep dish? Deep​ dish!  This is a must being in Chicago.  Lou Malnati's is my favorite. 

Favorite book: The Stranger by Albert Camus

Dream jobs: ​Short term: public health program manager in Ghana.
Long term: anything that will allow me to empower Americans to be healthy and adapt systems which facilitate healthy lifestyles​​.

As of July 2011, DePaul formed its 10th college/school – The College of Science and Health. What does this mean for your education? Personally, it means I will graduate from an innovative program and have a holistic view of health. This will give me an advantage when working with individuals and communities. My education will include not only a strong foundation for scientific exploration, but also a comprehensive approach to address domestic and global health needs of the 21st century. The new school marks a historical moment for DePaul and for the direction of health education. I am honored to be a part of this expansion.​​

What is Global Brigades and how are you involved with the organization? Global Brigades is the world’s largest student-led global health and sustainable development organization. Our vision is to improve quality of life by igniting the largest student-led social responsibility movement on the planet. We do this by empowering volunteers to facilitate sustainable solutions using a holistic model in under-resourced communities in Honduras, Panama and Ghana. The organization not only provides opportunities for students to engage in service-learning, but also provides life-changing experiences that leave each person asking how they can live with a conscious impact of their actions to the world. I currently am the Vice-President of Global Brigades at DePaul and I am the Program Director for the Public Health Brigade. I have been fortunate to travel to Honduras four times since my start at DePaul and see many more opportunities for travel there in the near future.​​​​

What did winning the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for your volunteer work in Honduras mean to you? It means a lot to have my efforts recognized as meaningful and worthwhile. Sustainable development work can be really challenging, especially as a student. There is a lot of energy invested often without good methods of measuring progress over time, and little to no acknowledgement. This award is positive reinforcement that will encourage me to continue to participate in and learn from global health initiatives. I hope our society will continue to see volunteer service as something to be proud of. Our actions have a huge impact on our communities.​​

Area of Study: Biology and Psychology
Graduation Date: June, 2012
Hometown: Lockport, Illinois
High School: Lockport Township High School
Awards & Achievements:
  • The President’s Volunteer Service Award
  • Student Poster Competition Finalist, National Neurotrauma Symposium (Ft. Lauderdale, FL 2011)
  • Dean’s List
  • Employee of the Year, DePaul Housing Services
  • Desk Receptionist of the Year, DePaul Housing Services
Campus Involvement:
  • Vice President, Global Brigades at DePaul
  • Program Director, Public Health Brigades
  • Executive Assistant, DePaul University Neuroscience Club
  • Editor, Student Editorial Board for Student Research Journal
  • Former Vice President, Play Out Loud DePaul
  • Former Member, Screamin’ Demons Pep Band
Current Employment:
  • Facilities Assistant, DePaul Housing Services
  • Senior Lead Desk Receptionist, DePaul Housing Services
  • Research Assistant, DePaul Biology Department
  • Former Research Assistant, DePaul Psychology Department