Elise Hawley DePaul Geography student

Best place to study on campus: Third floor in the library. The comfy chairs beat a desk any day.​ ​​

What I'm most proud of: Leaving my hometown and being able to live in a completely new setting. Transitioning from a rural setting to an urban setting has been a huge adjustment, but exciting!​​​​

Dream job: Work on International Food Aid.​

Most important thing you’ve learned so far in your major: That places have different meanings to different people, and that can shape our environmental and social approach to issues. ​​​​

How did you get interested in the Chicago Fair Trade Association? I found out about the Chicago Fair Trade Association (CFT) through my Community Service Scholarship. Looking more into the concept I started to realize that it encapsulates many of my academic interests, for example, environmentalism, social justice and international relations. And once I started working with CFT, I was hooked! ​​​

What is the Chicago Fair Trade Association? Chicago Fair Trade works to educate Chicagoans about the importance of being a conscious consumer, knowing who is behind the products we are buying and enjoying, and that their lives might be completely different from ours. Fair Trade is a way to ensure that no one is being exploited in making the products we purchase. This lesson of ennobling the dignity of each person is part of the Vincentian mission at DePaul and is a way to treat people that no matter what stance you hold in society you owe them respect. ​​​

Best kept hidden secret about DePaul: Geography is one the coolest majors!​

Favorite Hobby: ​Running. I plan to run the Chicago Marathon as a sponsor for CFT.

Area of Study: Geography
Graduation Date: June, 2013
Hometown: Afton, Minnesota
High School: Stillwater High School
Awards & Achievements:
  • Dean's List
  • Community Service Scholar
  • McCormick Scholar
  • ​​​
Campus Involvement:
  • Assistant Director of Environmental Concerns Committee
  • Community Service Scholars group
  • ​​
Current Employment: