I chose my major because... I have always liked leading teams, organizing projects from beginning to end and leaving a positive mark wherever I go. After serving as leader of several student organizations throughout high school and college, I am fully convinced that a career in management is perfect for me.​​

My favorite thing to do on campus is... to attend student organization meetings and events. As a commuter student, it is important for me to feel like I am a part of the DePaul community and not just another number. Being involved in student organizations has allowed me to meet a lot of new friends and to build a collection of unforgettable college memories.​

I decided to attend DePaul because... of its good reputation in business, its location, its diversity, its smaller classes, and most importantly, the feeling that I got when I first visited the university — I felt right at home.​

My favorite professor at DePaul is... Dr. Lourdes Torres from the Latin American and Latino Studies Program, because she represents the balance that makes a great professor: cool enough to help you feel comfortable participating in class, but strict enough to encourage you to do well.​​

My favorite thing to do off campus is... to walk around the streets of downtown Chicago observing the people and the beautiful panoramas. It reminds me of how lucky I am to be in one of the best cities in the world.​

Here, the diversity of students, faculty and staff... is evident at first sight. As a Latino, one of my worries was that I would feel out of place in college. My fear faded away immediately as I came across many people who shared my culture and my experiences. Best of all, I have felt equally as comfortable with those who do not share my cultural background.​

The greatest thing about going to school in Chicago is... that the possibilities are endless. This applies to having fun, building a career and fulfilling one’s personal goals. It is a place in which so many different worlds interact with one another producing a rich burst of colors, flavors and sounds; and a place that allows you to find your personal niche.​​

The Study Abroad Program is an attractive option for students because... college is all about the experiences that will change your life forever. This being the case, there is nothing better than experiencing the world from a completely different perspective. The Study Abroad Program takes you to a place across the world where you grow personally and professionally, while having the most fun you have ever had in your life.​​

What I will remember most about my Study Abroad experience in Madrid, Spain, is... living with an awesome Spanish host mom. I was not only living in Spain, but living like a Spaniard — eating the same food, speaking the same language and living the same way. Through my host mom, I was able to learn a lot about Spanish culture that I would not have learned by just staying at a hotel like a tourist. I still thank her for that every time I talk to her.

My greatest success as a student here has been... founding a modern Latin dance group, Ritmo Dembow. It has required a lot of hard work, but has given me great memories, friends and leadership qualities that I can use throughout my life and my professional career.​​

After graduation, I plan to... find a full-time management job or development program in either the banking or the manufacturing industry. I will then climb the management ladder to become a high-ranking corporate officer.​​

The one thing I’d like to say to students considering DePaul... is that all you have to do is visit the campus to fall in love with the university. The great environment has not been surpassed by any school that I have visited.​​​​​

Area of Study: Management with minors in Commercial Spanish and Latin American and Latino Studies
Graduation Date: June, 2008
Hometown: Blue Island, Illinois
High School: Dwight D. Eisenhower High School
Awards & Achievements:
  • Dean’s List
  • Fritz A. Bauer Scholarship
  • Joseph and Anna Capodice Scholarship
  • International Scholar Award
  • Hispanic Scholarship Fund​
Campus Involvement:
  • ​Ritmo Dembow Dance Group Founder
  • Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Secretary
  • Promotion and Tenure Committee Student Representative
  • Former DALE Member
  • Former PRSA Member
  • Spain Study Abroad Program 2006 Participant
  • Winter Leadership Conference 2006 Participant
Current Employment:
​Student Assistant at DePaul’s Latin American and Latino Studies Program