Describe yourself: ​Intelligent, ambitious, loving

Most important thing I've learned so far in my major: I’ve learned how to better understand people through my knowledge of human behavior.​

Biggest goal in life: To have passion about my career and those I'm trying to help and serve

Can't live without: My paren​ts ... and Burt's Bees lip balm

I'm most proud of: ​Everything that I do!  However, it's particularly amazing to be a first generation Latina attending college.

Favorite place at DePaul: T​he Vincentian Circle, in between Richardson Library and SAC

I've always wanted to: Travel ​to Spain

Favorite quote: ​"Do not fear, only believe."
- Mark 5:36
(I even have it tattooed on my shoulder.)​

Best place to study on campus: My dorm r​oom

Thin crust or deep dish? Deep dish​, from Pequod's

Favorite book: The Little Prince by Antone de Saint-Exupery

Dream jobs: Sp​eech pathologist, specializing in children with disabilities, and a certified ASL translator

What does the creation of the College of Science and Health mean to you? It means that there is more of a focus and attention on me as a science student and on my education when it comes to advisors and academics programs in the College of Science and Health. I’m also very excited to have my diploma read that I am a graduate of the College of Science and Health at DePaul University.​​

Why did you choose to major in Psychology? I chose to become a Psychology major because it is bringing me one step closer to my future career. My concentration is in human development, which relates to my career goals. I really hope to become a speech pathologist working with children who have disabilities, and having a degree in psychology will not only prepare me for graduate school, but it will also give me a better perspective and understanding of the children I hope to one day work with.​

Area of Study: Psychology and American Sign Language
Graduation Date: June, 2013
Hometown: Waukegan, Illinois
High School: Waukegan High School
Awards & Achievements:
  • DePaul Scholars' Award
  • Dean's List
  • Scholar, Clara Abbot Foundation
Campus Involvement:
Current Employment:
  • Office Assistant, College of Science and Health