I chose my major because... economics plays a vital role in everyday life. Recent publications, like "Freakeconomics" and other popular business books have capitalized on its presence in our lives. Business in general is very transferable as a major and allows the opportunity to work in a variety of different areas. I like the idea of having a major that doesn’t lock me into one specific area of employment.​​

My favorite thing to do on campus is... eat lunch on the balcony on the 11th floor at the DePaul Center at the Loop campus. It’s amazing to sit amongst the skyscrapers and feel the hustle and bustle of the city. In Lincoln Park, I love attending spin and crunch classes at the Ray Fitness Center & Recreation Center with friends.​​

I decided to attend DePaul because... growing up in Wisconsin, the “big city” has always fascinated me. I wanted to attend a university located within a city that offered a variety of activities on campus as well as off campus; DePaul fits that bill. It was also important to me to attend a university that was well connected to the business world and had many internship opportunities — what better place than Chicago?​​

The learning environment here at DePaul is... personalized. DePaul may have a large student body, but the classes are relatively small, which creates a more one-on-one classroom feel. At DePaul, professors take the time to learn your name and are accessible after class and during office hours to discuss class or other issues.​​

The class I most enjoyed here was... my freshman focal point seminar on coffee as a commodity. Being a coffee lover myself, I was delighted to be able to take a class that went beyond coffee as just a warm caffeinated drink and looked into its effect on history. I really enjoyed taking a class that focused so intensely on a topic, from its history to its effect on culture and economies across the world.​​

When I have free time, I like to... take advantage of the hidden parts of Chicago. One of my favorite activities is running along the lakefront from Fullerton to Armitage. There’s nothing like seeing the downtown Chicago skyline while running along Lake Michigan. I also enjoy exploring the ethnic neighborhoods in Chicago, like Pilsen and Chinatown. The food is amazing and authentic and there’s a real sense of diversity and culture.​​

Here, the diversity of students, faculty and staff... brings different perspectives to the classroom and betters one’s understanding of issues by providing a wide range of viewpoints. Big cities naturally attract a diverse and international crowd; the student body at DePaul is not different in this regard.​

The greatest thing about going to school in Chicago is... being able to explore the diversity and richness existing within the city. Chicago offers a variety of international cultural offerings, from international music festivals to international film festivals, the Celtic Festival and more. Chicago is an amazing music destination, attracting international and mainstream artists alike to concert venues throughout the city.​

Our Study Abroad Program is an attractive option for students considering attending DePaul because... it is large enough to offer a variety of term lengths and destinations, with programs available on six continents, yet individual programs are small enough that you know everyone. The advisors are also well versed on each of the destinations and work with you in deciding which location is best in order to meet course requirements. Study Abroad offers students the opportunity to study abroad and still graduate within four years, which for me was a necessity.​​

The things that I'll remember most about my Study Abroad experience are... the amazing people I met and the incredible opportunities I was afforded by living abroad. I traveled outside the United States a number of times on family vacations but living abroad opens your eyes in a way that isn’t possible by merely being a tourist. When you live somewhere for an extended period of time you really begin to learn about the culture and the values of the people. My experience also gave me the opportunity to travel around Europe easily and affordably. There is nothing like being able to take a weekend trip to Barcelona, Spain or Münster, Germany. The world feels much smaller when you meet people from different countries and realize how much you have in common.​​

The one thing I’d like to say to students considering DePaul... is to consider what you want out of the city you will live in,  as well as from the school you are planning to attend. A school may be great, but if the community doesn’t hold the same attractiveness and opportunities, then reconsider. A university is more than just its immediate campus; it is part of the surrounding community. For me Chicago and DePaul were a perfect fit.​​

Area of Study: Business, Economics and Finance
Graduation Date: June, 2009
Hometown: Middleton, Wisconsin
High School: Edgewood High School
Awards & Achievements:
  • Centennial Scholarship
  • Top 10 percent of class
  • Golden Key Member
  • Dean’s List
  • Beta Gamma Sigma​
Campus Involvement:
  • ​GLOBE facilitator
  • DePaul Democrats
  • Model UN
Current Employment:
​DePaul University Study Abroad
Ellen Morse Travel Agency