DePaul student

Most important thing I've learned so far in my major: ​Being Black doesn't mean that I know everything about my culture.  ​

Biggest goal in life: To ​make a significant difference in the world for which I will be remembered.  I want people to say, "Marcus was the best ____ or created ____."

Can't live without: M​y family and friends.  They encourage and motivate me.

Favorite place at DePaul: The ​Center for Black Diaspora reading room.  This room is made up of one of the largest collections of Black thought on the DePaul campus.

Love going to school in Chicago: Because I can go anywhere. I don’t need a car because I have the UPass, which allows students to go anywhere in the city using the CTA. Chicago has allowed for me to learn how to be independent. It was challenging at first but I appreciate how I have grown from living in the city.​​​

I've always wanted to: Skydive​

Favorite book: The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B. DuBois

Dream job: ​Lawyer, specifically in entertainment law

As a former DeBlogger, my favorite blog entry was: "Hungry Walk," because it gave me the chance to show my influence on the community and how DePaul has taught me the power of giving back to the community by participating in community service.​​

Area of Study: African and Black Diaspora Studies
Graduation Date: June, 2012
Hometown: Park Forest, Illinois
High School: Rich East High School
Awards & Achievements:
  • Dean's List
Campus Involvement:
  • Black Student Union
  • Editor-in-chief, African and Black Diaspora Studies newsletter
  • Member, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.
Current Employment:
  • Student Assistant, African and Black Diaspora Studies department