I chose my major because… I am pursuing dental school. Biology and chemistry will provide me with the science background needed, while sculpture will develop my fingers for delicate techniques and provide me with a sense of symmetry while honing my eye for fine details. I have always been passionate about the health field and I am most interested in the reconstructive surgery aspect of dentistry. DePaul is an excellent school for those pursuing medicine as it offers plenty of opportunity to shadow professionals in various fields.​​

My favorite thing to do on campus is… work out at the Ray Meyer. I love the free classes, new machines and the many flat screens tuned into Sports Center! Also, my team practices on the indoor track upstairs that was recently banked and is a great facility.​​

I decided to attend DePaul because… I knew I wanted to go to school in Chicago and DePaul had the best campus with the best athletic program. There are so many pros about DePaul: the campus is the perfect size, the class sizes are great for those who like to be involved in the classroom, the athletic facilities are amazing and constantly being updated and the campus is so close to downtown which is perfect for the weekends. Once you visit the campus and talk with students, you realize the atmosphere of DePaul is what draws you in and makes you want to come back.​​

My favorite professor at DePaul is… Dr. Dintzner, who I had for organic chemistry. Dr. Dintzner has adapted a teaching style that ensures every student can maintain the workload while thoroughly understanding the material. Not only does he allow students to come in for help when needed, but he has created an innovative Web site which covers all of the material taught in the course in an organized, easy to follow manner. Science majors fear organic chemistry, but he makes the class fun and breaks the material down so you can learn in small steps.​​

When I have free time, I like to… honestly most free time is spent at the athletic center, library, or in the Quad doing homework. When I do have free time I enjoy going to the Ray Meyer, walking to the beach and along the lakefront, going downtown or just relaxing with friends.​​

Here, the diversity of students, faculty and staff… is a large part of who the university is. Diversity is incorporated in every class, athletic team and organization on campus. Being able to work amongst a diverse group of people, whether it is racial, sexual orientation, or religious, diversity is key for the workplace in the 21st century. I have learned a lot from people who are unlike myself and in turn, have gained better leadership and communication skills that will aid me in any professional field.​​

My experience as a student-athlete at DePaul… has been rewarding and will give me the competitive edge I need to be successful in the future. My teammates and I know what sacrifice is — we work hard, but we play hard. The athletic advisors make sure we all remain eligible and offer tutors and study times for those falling behind. In all, I could not be happier with the opportunities academics and athletics have offered me.​​

What I will remember most about Blue Demon athletics is… the commitment from everyone involved with athletics. Athletic Director Jean Lenti Ponsetto and Associate Athletics Director Kathryn Statz are extremely involved with each team and most importantly, each athlete. The program is small enough to provide personal attention to each athlete, which makes it more like a family. The strength coach and the trainers are willing to do anything to make you a better athlete. Most of all, the coaches make sure you are becoming a better athlete, but also a better person. Responsibility, commitment and dedication are ingrained in everything I do. The athletic program at DePaul is demanding and Division I athletics is certainly not for everyone. However if you decide you want to commit to a team, the athletic program will do all they can to ensure you are successful on and off the athletic field.​

My greatest success as a student here has been… maintaining a high GPA while dividing my time among work, athletics and academics. Prioritizing is essential. Knowing when to make sacrifices is important, but keeping a balance between your social life, school and athletics is essential so you don’t get overwhelmed in one area.​

After graduation, I plan to… attend dental school and specialize in oral surgery. I would love to be able to contribute my skills to those in need. When I retire, I want to volunteer and offer my services to those in Third World countries.​​

The one thing I’d like to say to students considering DePaul… think about all the opportunity you will have attending such a great university in Chicago. I know so many people who move here after graduation and are shocked at how beautiful the campus is. They appreciate the great location and are disappointed they never considered attending DePaul as an undergraduate. As a DePaul student, you will be one step ahead of the game with access to internships and the job market. Networking is crucial and not many schools provide such a great location for doing so. DePaul is the perfect blend of a college atmosphere mixed with city living.​​

Area of Study: Biology with minors in Chemistry and Sculpture
Graduation Date: June, 2008
Hometown: Clarkston, Michigan
High School: Clarkston High School
Awards & Achievements:
  • ​Athletic Director’s Honor Roll
  • Dean’s List
  • Highest GPA on Track Team recipient
  • All-Academic Conference USA
  • DePaul Track & Field Student Athlete Award
  • All-Academic Big East
  • Conference USA Top Team GPA Winner
  • Conference USA Commissioners Academic Medal
Campus Involvement:
  • ​Vice President DePaul Pre-Dental Organization
  • Captain of DePaul University Women’s Cross Country team
  • DePaul University Indoor & Outdoor Track team
  • 2006 Student Government Director of External Relations
  • DePaul Service Learning Trip 2005​
Current Employment: