Most important thing I've learned so far in my major: A good film is nothing without a good story.​

Biggest goal in life: ​To stay hungry (not literally)

Can't live without: Music​

I'm most proud of: ​Going to school to become a filmmaker​

Best place to eat near campus: Chipotle​

Favorite hobbies: Making movies or music of any kind​ ​

Favorite book: The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Favorite parts of creating an entry for the Amtrak TRAINsportation Video Contest: Coming up with the plot for our film, "Maternity Mayhem," setting up the shots, and seeing the finished product​​​​​​

Biggest challenge in creating the video: Filming on the train

Video plot: A yo​ung buster brown tries to get to the hospital for his son's birth, but gets foiled along the way by hilarious hijinks.​

Studying film in Chicago allows me to: Utilize a vast number of diverse settings and locations for filming. It’s also a great place to see all kinds of individual interpretations of this art form. ​

Area of Study: Digital Cinema
Graduation Date: June, 2014
Hometown: New Lenox, Illinois
High School: Lincoln-Way Central High School
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