Describe yourself: ​Compassionate, personable, imaginitive

Biggest goal in life: ​To make a difference

Favorite place at DePaul: The Quad. ​ During fall and spring, I love to sit outside, study, and enjoy the weather. 

Favorite academic project: My senior thesis, which is about environmental messaging. I am researching which types of messaging are most effective in causing environmental action. So far, I have created an introduction and a methods section of my thesis and after the experiment is performed I'll be able to write an entire paper on my thesis. The goal of the thesis is to get experience in creating and running an actual experiment - something that is done every day by scientists.​

I've always wanted to: Learn​ how to surf

Favorite quote: "I​t's better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness."
- Eleanor Roosevelt​

Best place to eat on campus: The Ra​y Meyer Fitness Center​

Best place to study on campus: Mc​Gowan South.  It has a very modern vibe, and I'm able to be very productive there.

Dream job: ​To work as a conservationist, helping to protect natural areas, or to become a green architect to convert urban areas into environmentally friendly regions.  My end goal is to somehow help in the green movement to make our footprint on the world a little smaller. 

What does the creation of the College of Science and Health mean to you? ​ ​Having a College of Science and Health means students receive a focused education, driven by scientific thinking.  A college devoted to the sciences helps give me a better scientific upbringing.  I think it will also attract even more professors with scientific backgrounds to DePaul.​​

How will earning your degree from the College of Science and Health help you attain your career goals? ​As a student graduating from this college, I'll be a stronger candidate when appying to graduate programs.  This will, in turn, be helpful when I apply for jobs, as it'll make me a stronger candidate due to my scientific background and coursework from my undergraduate years.

Describe your involvement in CIRRUS: CIRRUS​ stands for Chicago Initiative for Research and Recruitment in Undergraduate Science.  The program has given me amazing research opportunities.  Since June 2010, I have been working in Professor James Montgomery's lab, learning how to work in the field and run multiple tests for soil and water, including phosphorous, nitrogen and lead.  This research helped begin my journey as an environmental science student and has helped supplement the science knowledge I have today.​​​​

Area of Study: Environmental Science
Graduation Date: March, 2013
Hometown: St. Paul, Minnesota
High School: Mounds View High School
Awards & Achievements:
  • 2010 Writers Showcase
  • Dean’s List
  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars
  • Science, Math, and Technology Showcase
  • CAURS Conference
Campus Involvement:
  • Organization Officer, Chicago Initiative for Research and Recruitment in Undergraduate Science (CIRRUS)
  • Chair, Construction Development, Global Brigades
  • Teaching Assistant, Environmental Science
  • Research with Environmental Science and Studies Department faculty
  • Participant, Campus MovieFest​
Current Employment:
  • Teaching Assistant, Environmental Science and Studies Department