I chose my area of study because... I have always had a deep passion for empathizing with and helping others. After traveling the world, visiting 34 countries and living abroad, I realized that I wanted to facilitate personal growth. Adapting to new cultures, and surviving natural disasters as one community, has truly opened my mind to the vast differences found amongst individuals and families living in various cultures. These lessons were invaluable and reinforced my goal to provide therapeutic services for those that are in need. This career provides the opportunity to offer therapy in a variety of contexts and to address a variety of issues while at the same time, appreciating and valuing each person’s uniqueness.​

My favorite thing to do on campus is... attend multicultural events. I also enjoy socializing at networking and special events. DePaul hosts excellent events that encompass a number of student issues.​

The learning environment here at DePaul is... excellent. The professors are value driven and promote community awareness. The classroom environments are both interactive and interesting. DePaul itself offers a number of services and resources to assist students in meeting their goals.​

My favorite professors at DePaul are... Dr. Joy Whitman and Dr. Steven Batten. They are insightful, challenging and dynamic professors. They have had a significant impact on my learning and personal growth.​

The class I most enjoyed here was... Thus far, I have enjoyed Counseling Skills and Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling.​

When I have free time, I like to... travel the world with my husband. I recently moved from Southeast Asia where I was living for the past five years. Since arriving in America, we have already toured throughout Africa and the Middle East. If we are not traveling, we explore Chicago and its many highlights. Meeting individuals and families with such varied and diverse backgrounds here in Chicago has been very rewarding.​

Here, the diversity of students, faculty and staff... are approachable, helpful and friendly. The staff, faculty and students share a common goal of not only fulfilling their goals, but also exceeding them beyond their potential. DePaul’s environment consistently encourages all parties to continue their education, support their community and help one another. Furthermore, DePaul celebrates the cultural differences found within individuals and provides many events to learn about others' customs, beliefs and ways of life.​

DePaul's graduate School of Education program is unique compared to other schools I considered attending because... DePaul is a unique setting that is attractive for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. The education program is multifaceted and offers many opportunities with diversified directions such as the student affairs concentration or the community focus. It prepares students to practice with varied populations who have multiple issues. This led me choose the School of Education’s Counseling program.​

Choosing to pursue graduate coursework in the heart of Chicago factored in my decision in choosing DePaul's School of Education because... Since I was moving from Southeast Asia to America for the first time, I wanted to be immersed in a vibrant and active city full of opportunities and activities. Since Chicago is a diverse city with people from around the world having a variety of unique customs, beliefs and celebrations, I wanted to study at a university within the city. I felt that DePaul’s community matched my desire to be among varied cultures. In addition, I wanted to attend a university that had a mission statement and a commitment to values as DePaul does. ​

After graduation, I plan to... sit for my licensure, work in a community counseling setting or a hospital and then pursue doctoral studies. I would eventually like to open my own private practice.​

The one thing I’d like to say to students considering DePaul... is that it’s truly a unique place that provides many opportunities. The university offers a variety of services and events with a multicultural focus. As a foreigner in this country, DePaul has been very welcoming and supportive. DePaul wants its students to succeed and excel, thus providing the opportunity to gain awareness, develop into an insightful professional and become cognizant of the surrounding population that are in need of services.​

Area of Study: Counseling
Graduation Date: December, 2010
Hometown: Kippenheim, Germany
Alma Mater: Mount Saint Vincent University: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Awards & Achievements:
  • Honors BA in Human Ecology
  • Thesis: Homeless Individuals: The Role of Community Resource Centers and the Issues That Affect the Services for the Homeless Population
  • DePaul Worker’s Recognition, June, 2008
  • Child Find Presentation, Halifax, Nova Scotia local TV network
Campus Involvement:
  • ​Chi Sigma Iota
  • American Counseling Association
Current Employment:
  • ​Administrative Coordinator, DePaul MBA Career Management Center