Describe yourself: ​Self-reliant, flexible, curious

Most important thing I've learned so far in my major: ​The quest and necessity for continuous education to remain proficient and efficacious

Biggest goal in life: To pro​vide care to others that makes a positive impact on their lives

Can't live without: Family and friends

I'm most proud of: The de​velopment and accomplishments of my three children

Favorite academic project: Being a ​team member of a clinical study at a well-respected hospital within Chicago

I've always wanted to: P​ilot an airplane, which I did about three years ago.  Unfortunately, I got a little motion sick at the end of the flight.  Experienced pilots have informed me that motion sickness can be conquered with additional exposure to flying.​

Favorite quote: ​"Imagination is more important than knowledge."  
- Albert Einstein​​

Favorite hobby: Travelin​g to new places

Favorite book: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

What does the creation of the College of Science and Health mean to you? ​The new college highlights DePaul's recognition and commitment to science and health as a separate and distinct entity,  which acknowledges how important these disciplines are within the university.

Why did you choose to pursue your M.E.N.P. degree at DePaul? I ​felt that DePaul's M.E.N.P. curriculum would prepare me for leadership roles within the nursing field and provide a solid foundation for pursuing an advanced degree within nursing. 

What is a nurse practitioner? ​An individual who brings a nursing perspective to primary health care, providing patients with a perspective and philosophy that differs from the medical model

What attracted you to the nursing profession? ​Nursing provides many areas within which a nurse may choose to practice and offers the opportunity to switch into other areas of practice as a nurse develops his/her career. 

Area of Study: Nursing, M.E.N.P. (Master's Entry to Nursing Practice)
Graduation Date: December, 2011
Hometown: Wilmette, Illinois
Alma Mater: Loyola University Chicago
Awards & Achievements:
  • B.A., Chemistry
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Breast milk warmer research team member, Lutheran General Children's Hospital
Campus Involvement:
Current Employment: