Current Students

Dream jobs:
Short term: public health program manager in Ghana.
Long term: anything that will allow me to empower Americans to be healthy and adapt systems which  Read more...

Daniel Clark
Biology and Psychology

You were one of 15 students to perform research at Rosalind Franklin Medical School this past summer. Can you explain what you did?
I was placed in a Biochemistry lab that was studying mitochondrial mutations of the ATP synthase. The specific project I worked on during my ten weeks  Read more...

Mathew Francis

As of July 2011, DePaul formed its 10th college/school – The College of Science and Health. What does this mean for your education?
That I finally belong to a large community of scholars specifically devoted to the advancement of science  Read more...

Lillian Perez

What attracted you to the nursing profession?
Nursing provides many areas within which a nurse may choose to practice and offers the opportunity to switch into other areas of practice as a nurse  Read more...

Peter Phillips
Nursing, M.E.N.P. (Master's Entry to Nursing Practice)

Biggest goal in life:
To have passion about my career and those I'm trying to help and serve  Read more...

Jennifer Salazar
Psychology and American Sign Language


My experience as a student-athlete at DePaul…
has been rewarding and will give me the competitive edge I need to be successful in the future. My teammates and I know what sacrifice is — we work  Read more...

Maureen Kuhta
Biology with minors in Chemistry and Sculpture

What I remember most about my first quarter at DePaul is…
my resident advisor (RA) reaching out to me and helping me transition into college life. The first quarter of college can be intimidating, but when  Read more...

Gilbert Vega
Industrial/Organizational Psychology