I chose my major because… creating or designing a world based on the text of a play is like reading a book and having all of things you imagined in your head come to life. I enjoy creating my own realities on stage, as there is an endless amount of designs that can be created for a single play, and I know that I can never become bored with what I am studying and learning to do. Scenic design is a large scale, all-encompassing art form with limitless possibilities.​​

My favorite thing to do on campus is… to find a couple of my friends, find a place to hang out around The Theatre School and to just relax from classes for a bit.​​

I decided to attend DePaul because… I knew that I would receive strong conservatory-style training for scenic design, while being able to explore other areas of study within the university at large. One of the reasons that I considered DePaul during my initial college search was because of its location in Chicago. I felt that Chicago is the best city in the country to train for theater due to the number of possibilities in theater of all sizes throughout the city.​​

The class I most enjoyed here was… Drawing for Designers. While sitting in a dim room for several hours and drawing might not sound the most fun, I saw my own abilities and confidence in drawing grow throughout the year. Because it was a class for all of the first-year designers, it was also a great chance to get to know each other and how we work.​​

When I have free time, I like to… cherish it. Free time is a luxury in The Theatre School, so it usually entails eating somewhere more interesting than usual and taking a break from working.​

The greatest thing about going to school in Chicago is… that Chicago is a city with everything. On any given night there are probably hundreds of theater performance of every style imaginable, innumerable concerts and exhibits and miles of miles of city streets. One of the things that I like to do most is to simply wander around the city, exploring new areas.​​

DePaul's Theatre School Conservatory appealed to me because... by coming to The Theatre School, I knew that I would have intensive training in my major, Scenic Design. However, I also knew that The Theatre School was strong in all of the different areas, and by taking electives and working on crews in other fields, I knew that my general knowledge of theater could grow while maintaining a focus on scenic design. Because The Theatre School is a part of DePaul, I knew that I would also have access to take a class in any number of fields.​​

As a scenic design major, DePaul is unique to me because… During my first year, I was able to explore other areas of theatre (lighting, sound and costumes) as a crew member on the shows produced by DePaul. The first year also gave great opportunities to explore the design process with many different people from my class, including people whom I might not be able to work with again in the same way. After the first year, there was a drastic narrowing of the scope of theater that I was involved in, as the classes began to apply specifically to Scenic Design. By the end of my second year, I will have designed several shows for classes, as well as two realized shows – one being in a small studio space and the other being on our main stage, the Merle Reskin. The scenic design curriculum is intense, in that it takes a lot of time and thought to create concepts and designs that are not only functional, but also inspiring.​

After graduation, I plan to… stay in Chicago, at least for a while. Hopefully, I will be able to assist designers, design myself, or even go to graduate school if I choose.​​

Area of Study: Scenic Design
Graduation Date: June, 2011
Hometown: Richmond, Virginia
High School: St. Christopher’s School
Awards & Achievements:
  • Theatre School Talent Scholarship
  • Theatre School Design Scholarship
  • Dean’s List
Campus Involvement:
​Scenic Designer for Ghosts and the children’s show Holes
Current Employment: