I chose to major in Communication because: I really enjoyed the classes offered in the College of Communication. I was able to take many different courses that pertained to my interests, including classes in journalism, television, mass communication and human communication. The balance of classes I was required to take for my track (radio, television and film) and the other communication courses I got to take gave me a very well-rounded educational experience. I also think communication is an emerging and useful discipline and that the degree I earn is versatile enough that I will be able to keep my options open for future job opportunities.

I decided to transfer to DePaul because: I wanted to attend a school that offered a wide variety of courses. I spent my first two years of college on the semester system, and coming into the quarter system was refreshing for me because I was able to take more courses and a lot of different classes.

The class I enjoyed most here was: Documentary Production. It’s a close toss-up for me between that and a couple really interesting journalism classes I have had, but documentary production was a wonderful course because it was really fulfilling to come up with an idea and follow it through the creative process, from interviews to editing. And at the end of the course, I had a piece of work I was extremely proud of. I really enjoyed taking a class that provided me with a creative outlet.

When I have free time: I like to read, hang out with my friends and play games on my Wii. I’m really into Chicago sports (Cubs, not Sox) so I watch a lot of games. I’m also a sudoku and crossword puzzle addict, and I can never seem the get enough of “The Office.”

Favorite thing to do off campus: When I can afford it, I really like going to Cubs, Bears or Bulls games. I really enjoy exploring Chicago, taking walks when I have time. My favorite thing to do when it’s nice outside is pick a grassy patch in a park somewhere, grab a Slurpee and get some reading for school done. I’m also a huge movie person. My favorite movie theater in Chicago is Landmark Century Cinema in Lincoln Park because they play a lot of independent films. Chicago also has a great lakefront, which is nice for a stroll or some rollerblading.

I'll most remember the Study Abroad experience because: Upon my return to school, I realized that I had gained a new perspective on life.  On my trip we took guided tours around the cities with our professors, one of whom had been leading the trip for 10 years. Seeing how a whole other society functions opened my eyes to other ways of doing things, and learning it from someone who knows so much about another part of the world made me want to travel to other places. For me, it sort of colored in a map of the world in my head, and made me start to understand how the world all fits together.

Greatest success as a student here: Finally finding an area of study that I enjoy. School has always been difficult for me to get interested in, but coming to DePaul, I began enjoying my classes because I felt engaged in the material.

After graduation, I plan to: Hopefully go to graduate school. I would like to work for a year or so first to gain experience, and to have time to perfect my applications and study for the GRE. My dream job would be to make documentaries, either audio or film or both. I hope to be someone who is always using my creativity in my career, and as long as I keep that in mind, hopefully the rest will fall into place.

Area of Study: Communication
Graduation Date: June, 2008
Hometown: Evanston, Illinois
High School: Evanston Township
Awards & Achievements:
  • Dean's List
  • Golden Key International Society
  • Dean's Award for Scholastic Excellence
Campus Involvement:
  • The DePaulia
  • Academic Integrity Board
  • DePaul Documentary Project
Current Employment: