Describe yourself: Spontaneous, outgoing, motivated

Can't live without: The support of my friends and family in whatever I try to accomplish

I've always wanted to: Travel to South America and stay there for awhile (which DePaul is allowing me to do by studying abroad).

Best place to eat on campus: The 11th Floor of the DePaul Center, in the Loop

Thin crust or deep dish? Uno’s deep dish is my favorite, and it is actually the first restaurant I ever went to in Chicago!

Favorite book: Sphere by Michael Crichton

Where does the DePaul Dance Team perform? At every men’s and women’s home basketball games as well as various community events and a few small competitions.

Dance is a part of my life because: I began dancing my junior year of high school. I grew up with a lot of friends who were dancers and our high school had an amazing program, so I decided to join. I love to dance because I can express myself without using words and it’s a fun way to exercise!

My favorite part about the dance team is: Being able to represent the university and really feel like a part of the school. I also love being able to cheer on the team on the court! What surprised me about the team is that it is really like a family and I have created some life long friends.

I chose to major in Management because: Every industry has a business side to it, so I can work in an industry that interests me using my business knowledge. When I graduate I want to move back home to California and own a music venue.

Area of Study: Management
Graduation Date: June, 2014
Hometown: Pomona, California
High School: Diamond Ranch High School
Awards & Achievements:
Campus Involvement:
Current Employment: