I chose my major because… I believe that every person is affected by politics in one form or another, and it is essential to know the way in which political policy is formulated. I not only want to know the process by which legislation is passed, but also the thought processes behind their formulation. Political theory/philosophy allows me to study the important factors that play key roles in a person’s decision-making. This will help me to connect with people when I begin my political career.​​

My favorite thing to do on campus is… walk around the Quad and Student Center. Although DePaul is the largest Catholic school in the nation, it really has a small school feel to it and you always run into someone you know.​​

I decided to attend DePaul because… the university has a great reputation for producing great political and legal figures. Additionally, DePaul made me feel a part of the family before I even started my career here by inviting me to different events at the school.​

The class I most enjoyed here was… “Freedom and Empowerment” in the Political Science department. I really enjoyed this class because we discussed the origins of the concept of liberty of speech, action and expression of the individual, and under which circumstances society can limit such freedoms. This class required me to apply the philosophy of John Stuart Mill in different real life scenarios to understand the importance of free and open debate in a democracy.​​

When I have free time, I like to… hang out with my fraternity brothers, residents and friends. ESPN is always on. I also like to practice my trombone; I have to stay fresh for basketball season!​​

My favorite thing to do off campus is… explore the city. Even as a lifelong Chicagoan, there are so many dimensions to this city of yet I am not aware. The best way to kill a sunny afternoon is to get a group of friends together and just ride the El and see where you end up.​​

One thing I didn’t know about DePaul before coming was… honestly how different the quarter system is. This is nice because you have more classes in a shorter period of time, 10 weeks, than semesters. The only downside is we get out a month later in the summer and outside conferences/activities with other colleges are always around our midterms or finals. With adequate planning, however, you can make it work and still have a nice time.​​

The greatest thing about going to school in Chicago is… that there is always something to do and the professional opportunities are endless. On the entertainment front, we have several national venues for concerts, top sports teams, and great museums. On the professional front, as a global city, our business sector is world class with several Fortune 500 companies. DePaul’s reputation is great for securing internships in any field.​​

The Honors Program at DePaul is… definitely for those students that are seeking a challenge. You take the same number of classes as a non-Honors student, but our classes are capped at 20 students and are seminar-based as opposed to lecture. The professors in the program force you to think critically about the issues discussed in the classes. The best part for me is meeting the people; some of my best friends came out of the Honors Program.​

The best thing about DePaul is… the individual attention you get from each professor. DePaul is primarily a teaching institution as opposed to a research institution. Our professors are among the best in their field and engage in outside scholarly works, but what makes us a teaching institution is that all the professors here are primarily dedicated to teaching and are committed to seeing us succeed.​​

My greatest success as a student here has been… my personal growth and the honing of my leadership skills. There were so many opportunities for me to get involved on campus in different organizations with different personalities. I am grateful to the faculty and staff that encouraged and mentored me during my years here to be the best person and leader I could be.​​

After graduation, I plan to… attend law school with a concentration in constitutional and criminal law, hopefully at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. I have always had a passion for practicing law but was largely ignorant to the possibilities of creating social change through the law. Through my courses, DePaul has taught me the power of the legal system and has inspired me to go forth and serve the larger community.​​

Area of Study: Political Science with a minor in Sociology
Graduation Date: March, 2008
Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
High School: Chicago Military Academy-Bronzeville
Awards & Achievements:
  • ​Monsignor Egan Hope Scholarship for Social Justice and Service
  • Emerging Star Award for Involvement
  • Two-time Arthur J. Schmitt Leader
  • Dean’s List
Campus Involvement:
  • ​Resident Advisor
  • President of Residence Hall Council
  • Vice President of Standards for InterFraternity Council
  • Director of Risk Management for Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
  • Vice-Chairman of Residence Hall Judicial Board
  • Honors Ambassador Co-Chair
  • Pep Band Trombonist
Current Employment:
  • ​Summer Conference Coordinator
  • Housing Services​