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Autumn 2016-2017
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May 16, 2016

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Students are required to follow the Academic Handbook and Code of Student Responsibility​​​

The Senior Capstone experience allows students to explore substantive areas of scholarship and creative works within their major. Students are given the opportunity to create knowledge within the context of the ideas, perspectives, and research of others in the discipline. The Capstone further provides students the opportunity to integrate and compare knowledge gained from their major with that which was learned in the domain area and core courses of the Liberal Studies Program.  In this culminating experience, students create, under the mentorship of a faculty member, a final project of their own design.

​​Learning Outcomes

​Students will be able to:

  • Draw selectively on the wide range of different Liberal Studies courses they have taken, in ways that will illuminate what they have learned in their major programs.
  • Pull together the work of their major.
  • Combine the work of their major with other Liberal Studies courses and concepts.
  • Apply one or more theories or concepts from courses within their major to an analysis of a particular issue relevant to the major.
  • Discuss an idea, method or concept from a discipline outside their major field of study to an analysis of a particular issue relevant to their major field of study.
      • Identify perspectives and/or values of the major field, and compare them with those of one or more disciplines outside the major.


Below please find examples of courses previously offered for Capstone credit. For information on current offerings, please consult Campus Connection.

African and Black Diaspora Studies

American Studies


Art, Media and Design





Computer Games Development

Computer Graphics and Animation 

Computer Science 

Digital Cinema 

E-Commerce Technology




Environmental Science



History of Art and Architecture

Honors Program 

Information Assurance and Security Engineering Program

Information Systems

Information Technology 

International Studies

Latin American and Latino Studies


Modern Languages 

Network Technologies


Peace, Justice, and Conflict Studies


Political Science 


Public Policy Studies

Public Relations and Advertising

Religious Studies 


Software Engineering


Women's and Gender Studies 

Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse