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Autumn 2015-2016
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May 15, 2015

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​Aminah Beverly McCloud, Ph.D.

Professor (Religious Studies)
Director (Islamic World Studies)
Editor (Journal of Islamic Law and Culture)
Temple University

Khaled Keskh, Ph.D. 
               Associate Professor (Religious Studies)
               University of Chicago

Affiliated Faculty

Nesreen Akhtarkhavari, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Modern Languages)
Florida State University

Scott Hibbard, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Political Science)
Johns Hopkins University

John T. Karam, Ph.D.

Associate Professor (Latin American and Latino Studies)
Syracuse University

Babacar Mbengue, Ph.D.

Instructor (Islamic World Studies)
University of Dakar, Senegal 

Mark DeLancey, Ph.D. 
                Associate Professor (Art & Art History)
                Harvard University

Ahmed Hashim  

Lecturer (Islamic World Studies)

University of Chicago (Ph.D. candidate)

Laith Al-Saud Lecturer, Religious Studies
               University of Chicago (Ph.D. candidate)

Jawad Qureshi 
               Lecturer, (Islamic World Studies)
               University of Chicago (Ph.D. candidate)