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Winter/Spring/Summer 2014-2015
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October 17, 2014

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The Certificate in Social Research familiarizes students with the choices they can make in designing social science research and to help them select the research tools that are right for the types of questions they are asking. The four-course program provides knowledge of current research designs, methods, and practices; quantitative and statistical skills; and the logic of inquiry.
A number of Sociology M.A. students may wish to obtain the certificate as part of their degree program. It will also be useful for students in fields such as women’s and gender studies, professional writing and publishing, public service, ethnic studies, journalism, and environmental science. Professionals in and students preparing for careers in the non-profit sector, public policy and administration, and the production of media content, will find the certificate valuable as well.

Course Requirements

Core Courses

Two core courses are required:

* Students will be placed in the appropriate quantitative/statistics class on the basis of their graduate and undergraduate work.)

Elective Courses 

Choose two courses from the following:

* For elective credit for SOC 418 (Ethnographic Documentary Film) in the Social Research Certificate Program, the student should submit the syllabus to the Graduate Program Director or Sociology Department Chair for review to confirm that the specific section of the course is oriented towards research methodology.