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Autumn 2015-2016
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May 15, 2015

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​Francesca Royster, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Chair
University of California, Berkeley

Robert Meyer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and School of Education Liaison
Florida State University

Michele Morano, M.F.A., Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Director, M.A. in Writing and Publishing
University of Iowa

Carolyn Goffman, Ph.D.

Coordinator of the Certificate in Teaching English in Two-Year Colleges
Ball State University

Chris Green, M.F.A.

Senior Lecturer and Coordinator of Internships in Writing and Publishing
Bennington College


Theodore Anton, M.A., M.F.A.

University of Iowa

Barrie Jean Borich, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor
Pacific Lutheran University

Miles Harvey, M.F.A.

Associate Professor
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Rebecca Johns Trissler, M.F.A.

Associate Professor
University of Iowa

Richard Jones, M.A., M.F.A.

University of Virginia, Vermont College 

Craig A. Sirles, Ph.D.

Associate Professor Emeritus
Northwestern University

Daniel Stolar, M.F.A.

Associate Professor
University of Arizona

David Welch, M.F.A.

Coordinator of Literary Outreach
University of Alabama

Visiting Faculty

Jay Bonansinga, M.A.

Adjunct Instructor
Columbia College, Chicago

Gioia Diliberto, M.A.

Adjunct Instructor
University of Maryland

Sarah Fay, M.F.A., Ph.D

University of Iowa

Nancy Grossman, M.S.W., M.A.

Adjunct Instructor
Columbia College

Susan Harris, M.A.

Visiting Lecturer
University of Illinois At Chicago

Kathleen Rooney, M.F.A.

Senior Lecturer
Emerson College

Emily Gray Tedrowe, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor
New York University

Paul Thomas, M.A.

Visiting Lecturer
DePaul University

Mark Turcotte, M.F.A. 

Senior Lecturer 
Western Michigan University