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Winter/Spring/Summer 2014-2015
Catalog update:
October 17, 2014

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​​Peter Vandenberg, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair
Texas Christian University

Alan Ackmann, M.F.A.
Visiting Assistant Professor 
University of Arkansas

Julie A. Bokser, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Director of First-Year Writing
University of Illinois at Chicago

Darsie Bowden, M.F.A., Ph.D.

University of Southern California

Hector Carbajal, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Texas El Paso

Antonio Ceraso, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Director of M.A. in New Media Studies
Pennsylvania State University

Dana Dunham, M.A.

LTCTP, Internship Coordinator 
University of Chicago

Lisa Dush, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor and Director of M.A. in WRD
University of Massachusetts-Amherst

Tricia Hermes, M.A.

DePaul University

Amy Hornat-Kaval, M.A.

Instructor, Professional Writing for Business Coordinator 
DePaul University

Jason Kalin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
North Carolina State University

Nicole Khoury, Ph.D.

Arizona State University

Michael Moore, M.A.

Senior Instructor (LTC), Academic Technology Coordinator
San Francisco State University

Sarah Read, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
University of Washington

Jason Schneider, Ph.D.

Visiting Assistant Professor, TESOL Certificate Coordinator
University of Illinois at Chicago

Eileen Seifert, M.A.

Associate Director of First-Year Writing
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Justin Staley, M.A.

Northwestern University

Inge Stockburger, Ph.D.
Georgetown University
Barbara Tilley, Ph.D.
Visiting Assistant Professor
University of Florida