Nursing is a learned profession with a distinct science and art. Students learn the practice of nursing through research and the study of diverse human and environmental patterns of health behavior as they affect individuals, families, and communities. Students incorporate scientific knowledge and the nursing process in their delivery of safe, ethical and quality care with deep regard for the differences along the dimensions of race/ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, religion, heritage and language.

The focus of the faculty of the School of Nursing is the education and preparation of students for leadership roles in healthcare. Education is centered on providing care for persons and communities in both health and illness while conducting scientific research to generate knowledge that strengthens these endeavors. Critical thinking is emphasized, along with an insightful examination of society, thus affording students the opportunity to apply the science and art of nursing to promote and maintain health while upholding human dignity for the betterment of the community and society. 

In keeping with the Vincentian values of DePaul University, students treat all human beings equally and with respect, and by doing so, are acting in the interest of the common good. The School of Nursing faculty is committed to education that will provide the foundation for a professional career as a caregiver, educator, leader, servant and scholar.