Modern Language Option Program

Undergraduate College of Science and Health students may take advantage of pursuing a Modern Language Option to advance their language skills and, at the same time, apply the additional language coursework toward their Liberal Studies Program requirements.

TEACH Program and Combined Programs

Qualified undergraduate College of Science and Health students may pursue a combined program that would enable them to earn a bachelor degree and master degree within a shortened timeframe.  Combined programs are offered through the College of Science and Health and through a partnership between the College of Science and Health and the College of Education's TEACH Program.

Accelerated Degree Program

DePaul University and Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science joined forces to create The Alliance for Health Sciences.  Through the alliance, the College has developed an innovative Accelerated Degree Program for qualified undergraduate students interested in popular and fast-growing health-related careers requiring graduate-level education, including medicine, pathologists' assistant studies, pharmacy, physical therapy, physician assistant studies, and podiatric medicine.

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology - Online Degree Program

The BA in Psychology can be completed online, by transfer students, if certain prerequisites and additional degree requirements are met.  This online degree program is available for two concentrations within the psychology major: the Standard BA Concentration and the Human Development BA Concentration.

Pre-health Program and Pathways Honors Program

The Pre-Health Program is a pre-professional program designed to help students explore their interests and identify which health career might be the best fit for them.   

The Pathways Honors Program is designed for highly qualified and motivated pre-professional students pursuing a health career.  Students who are part of the Pathways Honors Program will enter as a cohort during their first-year at DePaul.