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DPU Alert – Provide the phone and e-mail address where DePaul is most likely to reach you in the event of an emergency. Phone can be a cell or landline. To receive a text message, you must subscribe to that service through your cell phone provider. DePaul will only use this information in a major life-threatening situation.

Address – Provide your mailing address, home address or business address. 

E-Mail Address – Must be updated at all times to receive vital information. You are automatically assigned a DePaul email address. You also may use a home or business e-mail address. Be sure to check one of them as “preferred.” All messages from the College of Law will go to your preferred e-mail address.

Emergency Contact – Provide information about the person who should be contacted if you have a personal emergency.

Phone Numbers – Provide your cell, home, local or business phone numbers.

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  • Course Descriptions
  • Course History – Shows completed courses and enrolled courses
  • Degree Progress – Review your progress toward your degree
  • Enroll: Add/Drop – Add or drop classes
  • Enrollment Verification – Order verification information for insurance, employers or other purposes
  • Immunization Status – Verify that you comply with state law and have provided proof of immunizations
  • My Class Schedule – View your class schedule
  • My Enrollment Appointment – Confirms the date and time when you can register for classes
  • My Grades – Lists courses and grades
  • Search for Classes – In the up-coming term
  • Transcript – Official – Request an official transcript
  • Transcript – Unofficial  - View your unofficial transcript with grades, classes, names of professors, term GPA and cumulative GPA
  • Withdrawal/Leave Request – To withdraw from school or to take a leave of absence

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  • DePupp Payment Plan
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