Registration Requirements for Student Organizations, Journals and Moot Court

The University requires every student organization to register each autumn with the University Office of Student Involvement. 

Each organization must route its funding through the University Controller’s Office and consult with the College of Law Business Manager, room 931 Lewis. Student organizations are prohibited from having outside bank accounts.

Organization registration is accomplished by filing a Student Organization Registration form with the University Office of Student Involvement, a division of the University Office of Student Affairs, A copy of the organization’s constitution, by-laws and officers must be attached to that form. Organizations must have a law faculty advisor. Organizations that do not register will not receive funding, bulletin boards or office space. Law Journals do not have to register with the University.

An organization must have a minimum of eight members at all times and must be comprised entirely of current DePaul law students. Officers must maintain at least a 2.50 GPA at all times.

Student Organizations

Student Bar Association

The Student Bar Association (SBA) is the Law School’s largest student organization and acts as the student government.  All JD students who are enrolled in the College of Law are automatically members of the SBA.  The SBA represents the students and advocates for their interests.

The SBA sponsors social, service, and educational events and assists with first-year orientation.  The SBA offices are located on the second floor of Lewis.

The following student organizations are associated with the College of Law.

  • Art and Cultural Heritage Legal Society (ACHLS) works with issues that affect art and culture.
  • Society for Asylum and Immigration explores issues that affect persons who need asylum or who are involved in immigration matters.
  • American, Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) provides academic and social support to Asian law students.
  • Black Law Student Association (BLSA) promotes the goals of African-American law students and mentoring for its members.
  • Business and Corporate Law Society focuses on issues of business and corporations.
  • Decalogue Society is the DePaul chapter of a bar association for Jewish lawyers that provides academic and social support for its members.
  • DePaul Animal League Defense Fund explores issues that affect the rights of animals under the law.
  • Entertainment Law Society focuses on legal issues in the entertainment field.
  • Environmental Law Society advocates environmental concerns generally and sponsors programs related to environmental issues and careers.
  • Evening Law Student Society represents the concerns and needs of students in the law school’s evening division.
  • Family and Child Law Society provides educational and networking opportunities for students who are interested in pursuing a career in family law.
  • The Federalist Society supports individual liberty and limited government.
  • Hellenic Law Society represents the needs of students of Hellenic/Greek descent.
  • Intellectual Property Law Society explores current issues in intellectual property law.
  • International Law Society explores international law issues through speaker programs and symposia.
  • Justinian Law Society is the DePaul branch of a professional bar association for Italian-American lawyers; provides academic and social support for its members. 
  • Law Students for Reproductive Justice explores issues that affect reproductive justice.
  • Latino Law Student Association (LLSA) promotes the goals of Latino law students and provides mentoring and study programs for its members.
  • National Lawyers Guild is the DePaul branch of a national bar association that seeks to generate awareness about progressive responses to local and national economic and civil rights issues.
  • OutLaws seeks to generate awareness about and sensitivity to lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender issues among members of the law school.
  • Phi Alpha Delta is a national fraternity of lawyers and law students that promotes professionalism, philanthropy and friendship among members of the legal community.
  • Phi Delta Phi is a legal international legal fraternity established to promote a higher standard of ethics among its members and the legal community.
  • Public Interest Law Association advocates careers and pro bono work in public interest law.
  • Veteran’s Assistance Service Organization works with veterans and advocates on their behalf as well as exploring how the law affects veterans.
  • Women’s Bar Association of Illinois is the DePaul chapter of a bar association that works to ensure the success of women attorneys through business and professional development.
  • Journal for Women, Gender and the Law advances, domestically and international, the legal rights of women and those implicating the role of gender.