​Students pursuing a degree in the School of Music are to follow the Honors Program Requirements listed below:

Honors Core

Science Requirement

  • One course chosen from the university's Scientific Inquiry list.

Honors students in Music who do not have a calculus or statistics requirement for their major must complete HON 180, Data Analysis and Statistics or LSP 120, Math and Technological Literacy I, before enrolling in HON 207 or the Scientific Inquiry requirement.

Junior Seminar

The Honors Program is committed to developing students’ knowledge and cultural awareness so they may respect and learn from difference.  Honors students meet the multicultural requirement by completing HON 301, the Junior Seminar in Multiculturalism.

Senior Capstone

Students who choose to do a thesis must have their project approved at least one term prior to executing the project. To gain approval for a senior thesis, students must first complete an application, including a project proposal signed by a faculty advisor. In keeping with the interdisciplinary nature of the program, the thesis should attempt to move outside the boundaries normally associated with one particular discipline and should be supervised by two readers from different academic fields. While the final product must be a substantial piece of work building on the student’s accumulated knowledge and new research, specific requirements for each thesis will depend on the nature of the project. See the Director or Associate Director for an application.  Students may opt to also enroll in HON 300: Honors Research Seminar (a two-credit elective) to receive dedicated guidance as they prepare the thesis project.

Honors Approved Electives

Most Music majors in the Honors Program are allotted one Honors Approved Elective, a 200-300 level course outside of Music, selected in consultation with an Honors advisor in order to fulfill an academic or professional goal. SRT, PAM, and Music Education majors do not have an Honors Approved Elective requirement.

Major Field Adjustments

In addition, participation in the University Honors Program may affect the requirements for a student's major field. The following adjustments will occur:

BA in Music majors:

Honors students in the BA in Music program will have the following additions or changes to their Honors requirements:

Sound Recording Technology majors: 

Honors students in SRT have the following courses waived from the Honors curriculum because the requirements are fulfilled within the major:

Performing Arts Management majors: 

PAM majors in Honors will have the following course substitutions:

  • HON 180 will be replaced by MAT 135
  • Honors Approved Elective will be replaced by ECO 105

Music Education majors:

Music Education majors in Honors will have the following course substitutions:

  • HON 105 will be replaced by LSE 380
  • HON 207 will be replaced by SCU 207
  • Honors Approved Elective will be replaced by PSC 120

Grade Requirements

A grade of C- or higher in HON 110 or 111 is required to remain in the Honors Program.

A grade of C- or higher is required to pass the following courses:  HON 100, HON 350, HON 351 and HON 395.