Marisa Alicea, Ph.D.
Corinne Benedetto, Ph.D.
            Associate Dean for Enrollment Management and Operations

Dan K. Hibbler, Ph.D.
            Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs

Michelle Navarre Cleary, Ph.D.
            Associate Dean for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Donald L. Opitz, Ph.D.
            Senior Director for Mentoring and Student Services

Susanne Dumbleton, Ph.D.
            Director, SNL Tangaza Project

Betta LoSardo, M.A.
            Acting Director, SNL Online

Barbara Radner, Ph.D.
            Director, Center for Urban Education

Russell R. Rogers, Ph.D.
            Director, Graduate Programs
Kenya Grooms, Ph.D.
            Interim Director, Degree Completion Programs
Gretchen Wilbur, Ed.D.
            Director, Assessment Center
Shirley Rice Bono, M.A.
            Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Student Services
Douglas Murphy, M.A.
            Senior Assistant Dean 
Jennifer Prey, B.A.
            Assistant Dean, Budget and Administration

Imran Ali, B.A.
            Director, SNL Records

Sarah Hellstrom, M.A.
            Associate Director, Graduate Programs

Shirin Kadwani, M.S.
            Associate Director, SNL Online

Peggy St. John, M.S.
            Associate Director, Undergraduate Student Services ​

Kenn Skorupa, M.Ed.
            Associate Director, Joint Degree Programs

Helen Brusek, M.A.
            Assistant Director, Graduate Programs

Christine Hayda, M.A,
            Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services

John Hemmerling, M.S.
            Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services

Gwen Weaver, M.A.
           Assistant Director, Undergraduate Student Services