The concentration in Financial Analysis is designed for students who plan to sit for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams.  

The CFA designation has become the most widely recognized professional certification in the field of investment management.  It confers instant credibility on those who have it, as a strong indication of their understanding of the precepts and nuances of all aspects of investing, analyzing, and managing large investment portfolios.  DePaul's MBA in Financial Analysis, although not to be considered an exam review course, is designed to lay the theoretical foundation along with the practical application for those students wishing to excel in the world of investments.  Designated coursework is designed to expand the student's knowledge of the principals of financial statements, their interpretation, and the ability to convert statements into useful financial tools.  Course work then progresses through investments and their understanding, culminating in the construct of portfolio whose performance can be measured against various benchmarks. 

Core Requirements (varies with admission term and prior coursework) 24-48 hours
Concentration Requirements (varies with admission term) 24-36 hours
   Total hours required    48-72 hours